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Sacramento Police Have Arrested a California State Lawmaker on Suspicion of Driving Drunk

California State Senator Arrested for Drunk Driving

California State Senator Arrested for Drunk Driving

Legislator Dave Min (D-Orange County) was arrested in Sacramento on suspicion of driving under the influence after he allegedly ran a red light and failed to use his headlights.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol’s Capitol Protection Section saw Min’s silver Toyota Camry heading south on 9th Street near S. Street at roughly 10:20 p.m. without its headlights on, according to a statement released by the CHP. Tuesday.

“The officers followed the vehicle to 9th St. at Broadway where they observed the vehicle stop at a red light momentarily but then proceed into the intersection while the light remained red,” the agency said in a statement.

California State Senator Arrested for Drunk Driving

When police stopped Min, they found “signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication.” According to CHP, he was arrested when it was found he had exceeded the legal limit for alcohol consumption. It was not apparent whether or not he was given a breathalyzer test.

Min was charged with an infraction of DWI-BAC for driving while intoxicated. Or greater than 8%. On Wednesday morning, he was released from the Sacramento County Jail after being lodged there. Min, who is running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, issued a public apology on Twitter.

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“My decision to drive last night was irresponsible,” Min posted on Facebook Wednesday morning. “I accept full responsibility and there is no excuse for my actions.” Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Orange, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach are all part of the 37th Senate District that Min represents in California.

“To my family, constituents, and supporters, I am so deeply sorry. I know I need to do better. I will not let this personal failure distract from our work in California and in Washington,” he said.

Min declared her candidacy in January to replace Rep. Katie Porter in the House of Representatives; Porter is competing for the Senate seat being vacated by Dianne Feinstein. In February, Feinstein said she will not run for reelection at the age of 89.

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