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California Suspect in Cash App Founder’s Deadly Knifing Has a History of Violence

California Suspect in Cash App Founder's Deadly Knifing Has a History of Violence

California Suspect in Cash App Founder's Deadly Knifing Has a History of Violence

The 38-year-old IT entrepreneur who is accused of killing Cash App founder Bob Lee made his first court appearance on Friday. His family was there, but they didn’t answer any questions from the media.

Police records show that Nima Momeni, who is accused of stabbing Cash App founder Bob Lee to death, stabbed two teens nearly 20 years ago.

The San Francisco Chronicle said that when Momeni was 20, he attacked a guy who was 19 and a boy who was 16. The fight may have been over drugs.

Witnesses who talked to the Albany Police Department in the East Bay said that the younger teen hit Momeni first, which led to the 2005 fight.

The teens had minor injuries, according to the police report, and Momeni was named as both a suspect and a victim, the local newspaper said, citing newly found records.

Momeni could have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, drug possession, and drug possession with the plan to sell, but the police let him go because he gave “conflicting statements.” Charges were not brought by the prosecutors.

In August 2022, Momeni got in trouble with the cops again at his apartment in Emeryville. During an argument, a woman said that he hit her, but Alameda County prosecutors decided not to continue the case.

Lee, 43, was killed on April 4 when a 38-year-old tech consultant stabbed him. Two months ago, the tech consultant was charged with murder.

In a fight over Momeni’s sister, prosecutors say Momeni stabbed Lee three times with a kitchen knife and then left him to die on a San Francisco sidewalk.

The Wall Street Journal said that the Cash App founder, who was high on cocaine and ketamine, was having an affair with Momeni’s 37-year-old sister Khazar “Tina” Elyassnia, who is married to a well-known plastic surgeon.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Momeni, an outsourcing business owner in the Bay Area, reportedly told Lee that he and his sister had been partying too hard earlier that night.

The Wall Street Journal says that Elyassnia and Lee, who were divorced and had two young girls, were regulars at an exclusive San Francisco party scene with a lot of drug use and easy sex.

Prosecutors say that Momeni and Lee were at a house party on April 3 when Momeni asked Lee if he was doing anything wrong with his sister.

The next morning, early, security video caught the men leaving the Millenium Towers, where Elyassnia and her husband live.

Lee was dead in a few hours, and Momeni was soon arrested for killing him. Momeni, who is being held in jail without a bond, pleaded not guilty last month while his sister supported him from the audience.

The Chronicle talked to legal experts who said that Momeni’s lawyers will likely file a move to keep the violence claims from 2005 and 2022 out of court.

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Momeni recently fired his first lawyer and hired Saam Zangeneh, a Miami-based lawyer who calls himself a legal “sicario,” which is Spanish for “hitman,” on Instagram.

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