Michigan man Rescued From California Trail Where Family Died

MARIPOSA, Calif. (AP) – The city of MARIPOSA, Calif. An angry sheriff said that a tourist from Michigan was rescued last week after becoming lost while attempting to retrace the steps of a family who perished on a strenuous summer trip in Northern California.

Jeremy Briese, Mariposa County Sheriff, stated in a statement posted on social media that the guy had been reported missing near the route where officials found the deaths of Jonathan Gerrish, his wife Ellen Chung, and their 1-year-old daughter Aurelia “Miju” Chung-Gerrish, and their dog Oski last year.

The strange deaths made news throughout the world. Deaths from murder, lightning strikes, poisoning, illegal substances, and suicide were all ruled out after an exhaustive investigation by more than 30 law enforcement organizations.

Family and dog perished of serious heat exhaustion after running out of water while climbing in the mountains on a hot, sunny August day last year when temperatures peaked at 43 Celsius (109 degrees Fahrenheit).

On 29 June, a hiker noticed the man’s car still parked at the trailhead and notified the authorities. After meeting the Michigan tourist a day earlier, he informed Briese he was looking into the family’s deaths because he thought the cause of death was “strange,” according to the police officer.

Later that day, a Fresno County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue team, assisted by a helicopter, located the missing guy.

Briese said the tourist was in his 60s, about 5’6″ (1.68 meters) tall, and weighed about 90 kilos (180 pounds). He was also wearing sweatpants on “some of the warmest days we have experienced this year,” he added.

In an area where a gate was closed and a “CLOSED” sign was posted, the hiker began his journey. After using all the two one-gallon containers of water he had with him, he was forced to get water from the adjacent river.
Rescuers spotted a man who wanted to know if the water had been retested for algae, Briese added.

Dehydration and blistering feet were addressed before he departed the region in his rented car, Briese added.

It’s hard not to be outraged about this rescue mission, but I want people to come here and experience all the beautiful beauty Mariposa County has to offer,” Briese said, according to a statement.

It’s “maddening and quite simply revolting” to see someone purposefully put themselves in harm’s way, he said. “It’s a complete waste of time and money.”

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