Simple Solution To California Water Shortage


Stop constructing now!

My solution to our water issue is very simple. No one on the city’s planning commissions seems to have considered it.

Stop the construction. No problem, is it?

When I visited Rancho Mirage, California, I was amazed by the scale of the new projected Disney resort, Cotino. It’s possible that we don’t have enough water. Is Palm Springs’ water supply sufficient to meet the demand for new housing?

That an inch of land is undeveloped does not mean it needs to be developed. It’s impossible to keep up with the demand for water because there are simply too many people. There’s no time to waste!

Palm Springs, California, native William Squire

New golf tour’s fatal flaw

In order to compete in major tournaments including The Open, The US Open, The Masters, and the PGA Championship, professional golfers must play on the PGA Tour.

They must be among the world’s top 60 golfers to be eligible. A small field of largely inexperienced competitors will make it difficult to rise in the rankings. It’s impossible to achieve a respectable OWGR ranking with only eight events every year.

There is a ranking penalty for golfers who play less than 40 tournaments over the course of a two-year period. As long as you aren’t Phil Mickelson or Dustin Johnson, you’ll stay a relative unknown in the sport.

There is nothing more vital to the success of a golf tour than the rising stars of the sport. Achievers of this caliber can only achieve their aims on the current tours. The LIV Golf Tour will only feature ex-players and those who will never play again. This is not enough to support a viable business.

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