A California Lady Claims Her Rifle Inadvertently Went Off, Killing a Home Depot Worker

A Home Depot worker in California was shot and killed after the suspect claimed she unintentionally fired her revolver. According to FOX 2 San Francisco’s reporting, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has charged 32-year-old Benicia Knapps with murder and felon in possession of a handgun in the death of 26-year-old Blake Mohs.

Mohs worked as the store’s loss prevention officer. David Guillory, 31, Knapp’s boyfriend, is suspected of being the getaway driver following the fatal encounter. He is being held on charges of dodging police and accessory after the fact.

Child endangerment charges have been filed against both Knapps and Guillory. The incident happened on a Tuesday in Pleasanton, a San Francisco suburb. The authorities claim that before Knapps was confronted by Mohs and another employee, he had fled the store without paying for several products.

California Woman Accused of Killing Home Depot (1)
California Woman Accused of Killing Home Depot (1)

Mohs and Knapps got into a scuffle over the stolen goods, and Knapps ultimately prevailed. It is said that Knapps stole a pistol from her handbag. Mohs and the other Home Depot worker returned to the store, when he and Knapps got into another physical altercation.

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According to investigations, she shot him in the chest. After retrieving the stolen goods, Knapps allegedly escaped in a waiting vehicle. Her kid, then 2 years old, was in the car. According to the news source, Knapps has a history of theft-related crimes and is a qualified security guard.

Guillory is currently facing criminal charges in Berkeley for allegedly stealing soccer gear worth $1,300.

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