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Capitol Rioter Convicted for Beating Officer with Flagpole

Capitol Rioter Convicted for Beating Officer with Flagpole

Prosecutors allege that Peter Francis Stager “forcibly and repeatedly” attacked the officer after he helped take him down the Capitol steps. On camera, he is also heard declaring, “Death is the only remedy” for the legislators inside the building.

More than a thousand people have been arrested and charged in relation to the riot in the Capitol. The 44-year-old truck driver from Conway, Arkansas, Stager, pled guilty in February to a felony charge of attacking police with a deadly weapon.

Six days after the attack, an informant tipped off the FBI that he recognized Stager from online footage. Stager may be seen in one video carrying an American flag-draped flagpole up the Capitol steps.

The cop he assaulted was stationed at a building entry when he was “pulled… face down and head first… down a set of steps and into the violent mob,” as stated by Justice Department prosecutors.

The tweet below vreifies the news:

Stager and others “forced [the officer] into a prone position on the stairs and proceeded to forcibly and repeatedly strike [him] in the head and body with various objects,” they added.

Stager can be heard screaming, “Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor,” on a second video. Death is the only cure for them in that building, presumably referring to lawmakers and police officers.

According to the FBI’s secret source, Stager stated he thought he was attacking a member of the far-left Antifa movement and that he did not realize the man was a police officer.

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However, the officer is wearing his uniform, and the Metropolitan Police Department badge is visible. At trial, government attorneys claimed “Stager’s chilling motivation and the brutality of the assault” warranted a six-year-and-a-half jail term.

The defendant is “humble, contrite, and extraordinarily remorseful for his actions,” the defense attorneys wrote in a court filing. On Monday, he was given a sentence of four years and four months in prison by Judge Rudolph Contreras.

Almost 600 of the 1,070 rioters who were prosecuted in the incident have already been convicted and given prison terms. About 350 people have been arrested and charged with assaulting, resisting, or obstructing law enforcement.

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