Northern California Property Destroyed as Car Crashed Through Second Floor

On Sunday, authorities in Northern California reported that a fast car had “flew” into the second floor of a home, landing on top of a carport and falling into a bedroom. The story would be impossible if not for photographs supporting the claim.

Located in the Sierra Foothills, about 2 miles north of Colfax and an hour’s drive from the Lake Tahoe area, lies the unincorporated community of Cape Horn. The car was reportedly going “extremely fast” on a road with a posted speed limit of only 10 mph, according to the California Highway Patrol, as reported by KCRA.

The owner of the house, Bob Arant, guessed that the car had traveled around 75 feet in the air before coming to rest on the second floor. A technical rescue team from the Placer County Fire Department was able to use a rope system to secure the vehicle and free the driver.

Car flies and crashes In Northern California
Car flies and crashes In Northern California

The CHP said that the female driver was hospitalized to Sutter Roseville Medical Center in critical condition, but that she had survived the crash. KCRA reported that both Arant and his wife were fortunate enough to be away from home at the time of the accident and were not hurt.

Images captured by the Placer County Fire Department revealed a huge gaping hole in the ceiling of the second-floor bedroom where the car had landed. Arant and his wife had to relocate to an RV on their property due to the extensive damage to their home’s infrastructure and the open exposure to the elements.

Reports indicate that investigators are trying to determine whether or not alcohol or drugs played a role in the incident.

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