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“Career Criminal” in California Caught on Body Camera Video, Kills Loyal K-9

Career Criminal in California Caught on Body Camera Video, Kills Loyal K-9 (1)

Police in California have released body cam footage showing the fatal shooting of a “career criminal” who was on the run after allegedly shooting and killing a K-9 dog. Johnny Ray Llamas, according to Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco, has been wanted for “weeks” on felony charges for sexual abuse of a minor under 14, robbery, and probation violation.

A 911 caller in Perris, California, made the alarming report that two strangers were sprinting across their property around 4:45 p.m. on Friday, April 14. According to the caller, they “had a bottle with them” and seemed to be under the influence of narcotics.

Llamas, the male suspect, was allegedly overheard by the caller asking the female suspect to remain in place so that the pursuing authorities would only arrest him. Sheriff’s deputies arrived and, accompanied by their K-9, Rudy, gave chase to Llamas through residential neighborhoods.

Shots were fired, and the K-9 went down, cops can be heard stating in the tense body camera clip. Llamas may be seen on a roadway in an apparent attempt to evade police in a recently released aerial video. A deputy can be heard on body camera footage yelling at the man to lay down his weapon and surrender.

The below tweet verified the news:

Footage reveals that the suspect stubbornly refuses to get on the ground and instead walks towards a cluster of houses. An officer can be heard saying, “You see that gun move, he gets it,” at the end of the footage. After repeatedly instructing Llamas to “drop the gun” and “get on the ground,” deputies open fire from a hovering helicopter.

A fatal shot was fired, and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. K-9 Rudy was taken to a veterinary hospital, but he later passed away from his wounds there. According to the sheriff’s office, weeks before the event, the trustworthy K9 and his handler Deputy Day won first place in the Handler Protection Category at the Las Vegas Metro Police K-9 Trials.

On May 31st, a memorial service was held in honor of Rudy. The female suspect was kept for further interrogation and was subsequently arrested, according to the police.

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