Cash App Executive Bob Lee Died After Being Stabbed by an Emeryville Business Owner

According to Bob Lee’s ex-wife, San Francisco police have arrested a tech entrepreneur in connection with the stabbing death of Cash App founder Bob Lee.

Krista Lee said in an interview on Thursday morning that police had arrested an Emeryville man in connection with the stabbing death of her ex-husband.

The man’s name was Nima Momeni, and he was 38 years old. He was put into the San Francisco jail on a charge of murder. His LinkedIn page says that he went to UC Berkeley and started the Emeryville company Expand IT.

“This is the first step toward justice,” Lee said from her home in Miami. Bob Lee had moved there from Mill Valley in the fall.

At 12:30 p.m., cops in San Francisco and the district attorney will hold a news conference, which will be live-streamed here.

Mission Local was the first to report that police had nabbed Momeni, a tech worker who knew Lee, who was 43 years old.

How Did Bob Lee Die?

Krista Lee said that she thinks Momeni knew her husband, but she doesn’t know why she attacked him in such a violent way.

Lee was killed on April 4 at about 2:30 a.m. on Main Street in the Rincon Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. This area is full of people and is close to Google’s office and Oracle Park, where the San Francisco Giants play.

Mission Local said that Momeni’s car was being driven by Lee and Momeni through downtown San Francisco.

The San Francisco Standard got a video of Lee holding his side as he walked up to a driver, showed him how hurt he was, and then fell down. The car’s owner didn’t stop to help. Instead, he drove away. Lee got to an apartment nearby before he passed out again.

The tweets below show people thanking SFPD for the arrest:

Bloomberg reports that on Tuesday, the former chief technology officer of Square and chief product officer of MobileCoin Inc. was stabbed and killed in San Francisco. Around 2:30 a.m., Bob Lee, who is 43 and from Mill Valley, was found hurt on the 400 block of Main Street, police said.

No one knows for sure if the driver knew for sure that Lee was hurt. It’s also not clear if the driver left out of fear or because he didn’t know what was going on.

Krista Lee told KTVU that she didn’t know the two were in the same car.

Multiple police sources told Mission Local that Lee’s stabbing on an empty street in downtown San Francisco was neither an attempt to rob nor a random attack.

On Thursday, it took some time before family members of Momeni could be reached.

A person who lived and worked in the same Emeryville building as Momeni said he heard a bullhorn at 4 a.m. but didn’t know what it was.

Another tenant said that at 5 a.m., she heard cops calling the suspect out over an intercom. Momeni was a nice, quiet man who kept to himself, she said. She said that she was surprised to hear about him and wondered what made him lose it.

Sam Singer, who knew a lot about public relations, worked in the same building as Momeni.

Singer said he was “completely dumbfounded.” He was a really nice guy. He seemed to be a serious worker who was always busy.

Momeni once told Singer that he could help him with IT if he needed it, and the place where he lived and worked was very nice, with a pool table, a fully stocked kitchen, and a lot of technology equipment.

Singer said that there was a noise report about a woman yelling his name in the hallway because she couldn’t find his apartment about a month ago, but nothing came of it.

CEO of MobileCoin Josh Goldbard said that Lee was a well-known person in the tech world. He worked on Android at Google and was the first CTO of Square. He also made Cash App.

Lee’s death made the fight about public safety in San Francisco and its downtown, which still hasn’t gotten over the pandemic, even more heated.

Elon Musk, who owns Twitter, posted on the social media site that “violent crime in San Francisco is horrible, and even when attackers are caught, they are often released right away” and tagged the city’s district attorney.

But Krista Lee stressed that her ex-husband, with whom she has two children, loved San Francisco and moved to Florida to live with his father after his mother died, not because he was afraid to live in the city.

She said that her ex-husband would be really offended by people saying that San Francisco is a lawless town and that lawmakers are to blame for the crime that happens there.

She said that even though there are still many questions, her kids will have a little more “peace of mind.”

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