Charlbi Dean Cause Of Death Revealed 4 Months After Her Sudden Demise

Charlbi Dean Cause Of Death Revealed 4 Months After Her Sudden Demise: Four months after her passing, Charlbi Dean’s cause of death was found.

According to People, the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner determined that the South African actress passed away from bacterial sepsis, which was caused by “distant physical trauma to her torso” and “a complication from asplenia” (the absence of a spleen).

The coroner’s office confirmed to the outlet on December 21 that Dean contracted the Capnocytophaga bacteria, which is known to cause sepsis.

The CDC states that Capnocytophaga is transferred from animals, such as dogs and cats, to people through bites, scratches, licks, or another intimate contact. These infections are more likely to affect autoimmune patients and people lacking spleens.

It is unknown whether an animal bite or lick caused the Black Lightning actress’ sickness, but her death has been considered an accident. Her complete autopsy has not been made public by the medical examiner.

At the age of 32, Dean passed away in New York City on August 29. A representative for the actress at the time told NBC News that she died of “an unexpected abrupt illness,” but no other information was given.

According to her brother Alex Jacobs, Dean was engaged in a “very, very serious vehicle accident” in 2009, which led to the removal of her spleen. He added that his sister had injured her back and her ribs in the incident.

On August 31, Jacobs remarked, “[The spleen is] engaged in fighting off infections, and that might have had something to do with what happened.” Her lack of a spleen “simply added to the reason why she might not have been able to fight it off.”

Jacobs also went into detail about his sister’s final day of life, saying that Dean had “minimal” symptoms before requesting her fiance, Luke Volker, to accompany her to the hospital. She passed away a short while later.

She had a headache, went to bed, woke up her partner, and requested to be taken to the hospital, according to her brother, who spoke to the media outlet. “This happened practically within the span of a day,” he said.

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