Charles White Cause Of Death: Was He A Drug Addict?

Charles White Cause Of Death: The University of Southern California, where Charles White earned the Heisman Trophy in 1979 and went on to have a nine-year career in the National Football League, confirmed on Wednesday that White had gone away. He was 64 years old at the time. So, what was Charles White Cause Of Death?

Charles White Cause Of Death

USC did not provide any information regarding the cause of death; however, the Los Angeles Times reported in July of the previous year that White had been battling dementia. White was a standout for four years at the University of Southern California (USC), after which he played in the Pro Bowl for the Los Angeles Rams; nonetheless, his lasting legacy is virtually entirely connected to the city of Los Angeles.

He set a freshman record with 858 rushing yards for the Trojans and led the Pac-8 in rushing yards with 1,478. He had an outstanding start to his career with the Trojans.

His junior and senior years were the most successful of his entire academic career. He was the driving force behind the 1978 USC squad that won the national championship, and he went on to win the most prestigious honor in college football in 1979 after rushing for 2,050 yards and 19 touchdowns. In 1978, he was the driving force behind USC’s national championship team.

White finished his career as the second-best rusher in NCAA history and held the record for the most rushing yards in Pac-12 history with 6,245. If you take into account his performance in the bowl games, he is still ranked fifth on the NCAA rankings.

After a very fruitful time spent playing football at the collegiate level, White was selected by the Cleveland Browns as the 27th overall pick in the NFL Draft in the year 1980. During his five years with the Browns, he never had a single season in which he rushed the ball for more than 350 yards, which, regrettably, meant that his professional career would be marked by more lows than it would be by highs.

Drug Addiction Of Charles White

Before entering the National Football League, the Times reports that Charles White was already using drugs like marijuana and cocaine. Despite this, he experienced a number of injuries and struggled with substance abuse while playing for the Browns. After spending his whole career with the Browns, he was eventually waived by the team in 1985 and signed with the Rams, where he played for John Robinson, his former coach at USC.

Drug Addiction Of Charles White
Drug Addiction Of Charles White

White’s issues persisted in Los Angeles, reaching a low point in 1987 when, according to the Times, he was discovered drunk and high on cocaine close to the Rams’ training facility and was taken into custody on misdemeanor charges.

White’s problems reached a low point in Los Angeles in 1987 when he was discovered drunk and high on cocaine close to the Rams’ training facility. Robinson, on the other hand, remained faithful to his former client and worked out a deal with the NFL that would allow White to continue his career despite the fact that he would be subject to regular drug testing.

This trust was rewarded the following year when White set an NFL record by rushing for 1,374 yards and 11 touchdowns, earning him his first and only All-Pro, Pro Bowl, and NFL Comeback Player of the Year awards in the process. In addition, he broke the record for most rushing yards in a single season.

After that, White’s career continued for one additional season after that. After failing an alcohol test in 1988, which was in violation of his NFL contract and led to a suspension of four games, he announced his retirement the following offseason after losing his starting position as a result of the suspension. After he retired, he continued to work at the University of Southern California (USC) in an administrative capacity, serving as a coach for the running backs and as a special assistant to the athletic director.

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