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Where to Find the Cheapest Gas in California?

Cheapest Gas in California

Cheapest Gas in California

Gas prices in California are soaring, with the state’s average cost of regular gas per gallon hitting $5.03, compared to the national average of $3.82, according to However, amid these high prices, there’s some relief in certain central counties.

According to the same report, nine counties in California offer lower gas prices than the state average:

  1. Yuba: $4.74
  2. Sutter: $4.76
  3. Stanislaus: $4.81
  4. San Joaquin: $4.84
  5. Tehama: $4.85
  6. Butte: $4.85
  7. Merced: $4.87
  8. Sacramento: $4.88
  9. Tuolumne: $4.88

Experts point to various factors contributing to the rise in gas prices, including heatwaves and supply cuts, which have a direct impact on what consumers pay at the pump. The AAA report indicates that in August 2022, gas prices were even higher, reaching $5.56 per gallon.

As drivers grapple with the latest spike in gas prices, it’s essential to stay informed about fluctuations in gas costs and explore options in counties offering comparatively lower prices. For more information and updates on gas prices, you can visit

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