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China Blocks Us Ship From Solomon Islands

China Blocks Us Ship From Solomon Islands

China Blocks Us Ship From Solomon Islands

As worries about China’s influence in the Pacific nation of the Solomon Islands rise, a US Coast Guard cutter was denied permission to make a planned port call there.

According to the Stars and Stripes newspaper, the Oliver Henry was on patrol off the coast of Guadalcanal when it attempted to stop there to refuel. The purpose of the ship was to eradicate illegal fishing on a global scale.

Lt. Kristin Kam of the United States Coast Guard informed a newspaper distributed to American service troops that the government of the Solomon Islands had not responded to a request for diplomatic approval for the ship to stop.


Friday marked the conclusion of the expedition after the Oliver Henry was rerouted to the Papua New Guinean city of Port Moresby.

The United States Coast Guard is the military organization responsible for maritime safety, rescue operations, and enforcement of laws.

According to the report, the cutter arrived in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday “after a patrol in areas of the Coral Sea and the Solomon Islands.” The distance between the two locations is around 1,800 kilometers (497 miles).

It has been reported that the Royal Navy has refused to allow the mission ship HMS Spey access to the port of Solomon Islands.

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