Chrisean Rock Net Worth 2022: Chrisean Rock Honors Ex-BF Blueface With New Tattoo

An American rapper, model, YouTuber, and social media influencer, Chrisean Rock. She has become more well-known in the music business and is frequently called a blueface performer.

Early Life

March 14, 2000, saw the birth of Chrisean Rock. She was born and raised in Baltimore, where she also spent her adolescent years. Rock, who is just about 22 years old, is one of 12 children; she has one older sibling in addition to 10 younger siblings.

She is currently said to reside in the Los Angeles region, but she frequently mentions Baltimore as having special meaning for her because she grew up there. Rock hasn’t stated her faith explicitly, but it appears that she is a Christian given that she said “Jesus is King” in her Instagram bio.

Rock, who was homeless at the age of 9 and lived on the streets for several years while still in high school, had to work at some point to support herself since she was a young child.


Blueface and Chrisean are frequently spotted together, and rock has been known to work for the American rapper. Despite this, she runs a YouTube channel with more than 25.8K subscribers that she launched in 2018.

Chrisean Rock has also had an appearance on the Fox channel’s competitive game show Ultimate Tag.

She not only performed well on the show, but she also took home a prize worth about $10,000. Rock appears to have an excellent fashion sense because of how closely she is connected to the fashion industry. She is now the newest brand ambassador for Fashion Nova and Ethika, two clothing manufacturers.

Chrisean Rock, a former member of Blueface, was reportedly detained on Friday (May 13, 2022) in New Orleans as a result of an Oklahoma bench warrant. Also, read about Aaron Judge Net Worth

She is now being held at the Orleans Justice Center, according to the website of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office. Chrisean Malone was first detained in February when he used Blueface’s Mercedes G-Wagon as a means of transportation to return to Baltimore.

When she was stopped, crack cocaine was also in her possession. Just after her arrest, Blueface called her and said, “Bitch took my car and believed she was gone. Drive to Baltimore, 25 hours away.” on his Instagram Stories.

Dumbass. The worst kind of female you can be is a thief. I’d respect a prostitute more… Talk about some “come save me” situations.

Personal Life

Despite coming from a large family, their previous circumstances weren’t ideal. When she was a little child, her father was given a prison sentence; he didn’t meet her until she was seven years old. On the other hand, Rock’s mother was battling addiction, making it challenging for the youngster to lead a consistent existence at home.

Blueface And Chrisean

As a result, she had a difficult upbringing. Despite this, she still loved her parents, and her siblings would frequently hold her back when something wasn’t right. Also, read about Shaun White Net Worth

According to Rock’s interview with a local Baltimore Fox News station, she was “choked” and “pummelling” as a child and experienced other forms of abuse as well.

She is a graduate student at Santa Monica College in California, according to her LinkedIn profile, where she received assistance from a helpful trainer to learn how to track. In the year 2020, she earned a degree in kinesiology and movement science.

Despite having a son named Javaughn Porter, who was born in 2017, the well-known American rapper Blueface has frequently been associated with Chrisean Rock.

When Rock got a tattoo of the rapper Blueface on her neck, the dating rumors started to circulate again, despite Blueface’s alleged denial that anything serious is developing between the two. Rock had the name Blueface written all over his face before this situation.

Chrisean Rock Honors Ex-BF Blueface With New Tattoo

Many followers of Chrisean Rock and Blueface are still unsure of the state of their poisonous relationship. The “Thotiana” rapper claimed earlier this month that he was not dating Chrisean while posting pictures of his two-month-old daughter with ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis on social media.

That didn’t stop the 22-year-old from getting a tattoo of the rapper for the sixth time. On Tuesday, Rock displayed her brand-new body art, which included an image of Blueface’s face painted on the side of her neck and his birth name, Jonathan, tattooed above her brow.

With the comment “when they urge you to stop tattooing the same dude,” she uploaded a video of her new tattoo to TikTok.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Chrisean Rock Net Worth is estimated to be around $1.5 Million in 2022. Early on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Blueface and Chrisean Rock got into a physical altercation on the streets of Hollywood. Video of singer Chrisean pulling the rapper backward while pursuing him down the street and grabbing hold of his shirt was captured.

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