One Person Killed in Gainesville Gunfire on Christmas Day!

A lady opened fire and killed a man in the Walgreens parking lot at the corner of NW 13th Street and 39th Avenue, turning Christmas into a deadly event. The incident, according to Gainesville police, took place at about 2:15 p.m.

“I was out taking out the trash and I heard some gunshots,” said Alexis Webster. “Immediately afterwards, I got in my car and I went over to the Shell store and that’s what was going on and I saw the commotion over here.”

According to eyewitnesses, the man and woman got into an argument at home, and then bullets were fired. This follows Saturday’s shooting death at Ocala’s Paddock Mall, the first of two mass shootings in North Central Florida this weekend.

“It’s such a tragedy because this is the second killing within almost Christmas time,” said Webster, “and I think it’s such a sad thing because you’re taking family members away from their family and it’s so sad.”

Christmas Day shooting in Gainesville

“It’s very sad for Christmas Day,” said Terry Cohens. “It’s sad for people to have lost their lives, and to know that children were involved as well it’s very sad.” According to eyewitnesses, the gunwoman preyed on law enforcement during a high-speed pursuit before she was apprehended at a Taco Bell in Alachua, carrying six children in her vehicle.

According to Cohens, it is “very sad” because their children will never experience Christmas the same way. This is something that will never leave their minds once Christmas rolls around.

“There were parents involved,” continued Cohens, “and those children may possibly not have any parents anymore. It’s very sad to see how children are involved in this kind of activity and how it may mark them for the rest of their life.

Neither the victim’s nor the suspect’s identities have been announced by Gainesville police. Around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the scene was cleared and the Walgreens remained closed for the remainder of the day.

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