Church is Latest South Carolina Ransomware Victim

God’s house is now on the list of Upstate places that have been hacked by software or ransomware in the past few months.

A ransomware attack recently happened at Relentless Church, which is known as a community powerhouse and a place of prayer with thousands of members who come from many different cultures.

Spartanburg County is still trying to get back on its feet after a recent ransomware attack.

But it’s not clear if the two things are connected.

Senior Pastor John Gray said that the church’s IT team found that its servers were being attacked from the outside. The church then hired a top security company to find out where the breach came from and how to protect church and congregation data.

Pastor Gray said, “If you want to hurt a church, you’re not attacking us, you’re attacking the God we serve, and you don’t want to go against him.” “We are very sure that our data is safe and that the information about our congregation is safe.”

Danny Tang, who is the Associate Vice President of Technology at Furman University, says that ransomware attacks are becoming more regular, but churches aren’t usually the target.

Tang said, “If there is a breach, it can be very bad for an organization.” “People think that these attacks are done by some guy in his room typing away at a screen full of code and breaking into some technology with his technical skills. That’s not how this usually goes. It happens when a bad person sends an email pretending to be someone the receiver knows and trusts.”

Pastor Gray couldn’t say more about what information might have been lost because the investigation is still going on, but he did say that services and events will go on as usual.

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What Did Pastor Gray Say?

Pastor Gray said, “We’re going to keep doing ministry as usual. We’re not going to let this stop us or slow us down in any way.”

WYFF News 4 found a ransomware operation online that said it was behind the April 29 attack and that it had gotten into the church’s bank data and other information. The government has also put the operation on its #STOPRANSOMWARE list.

Pastor Gray also talked to the person or people who were to blame.

Pastor Gray told him, “If I were you, I’d leave God’s things alone and try to make an honest living instead of trying to steal from people who are trying to live righteously.”

Tang said that if an email or message looks suspicious, you should treat it as such and call the writer to make sure the information is correct.

He also said that it’s important to call the police to report a breach and to save a copy of all your information on another website or somewhere else outside of your computer.

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