California Taiwanese Church Shooting Suspect Charged with Hate Crime

One person was killed and five were wounded after a 68-year-old opened fire at a Taiwanese American church luncheon last month, according to authorities in California.

The gunman, David Wenwei Chou, is accused of targeting a meeting of Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian church members at Laguna Woods in May. One of the victims was a 52-year-old doctor who was accompanying his mother to the event.

According to authorities, Chou’s hate of Taiwan stems from the fact that he was born there and grew up there after his family was expelled from mainland China by the communists.

Global attention has been drawn to China’s statements on Taiwan following the mass incident in San Bernardino, California.

“We are all astonished that it reached this degree of violence… that someone would bring a gun and shoot up a church,” Ho Chie Tsai, the founder of the non-profit, stated.

“Gun violence, racial tensions, and the effects of misinformation are all challenges that the United States has had to cope with recently.”

Chou’s arraignment is scheduled for the 19th of August. He didn’t enter a plea when he appeared in court last month for the first time. An online court record for Chou, who is now being held without bond, lists public defenders who have yet to respond to messages requesting comment as of Friday.

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