Churchill Downs Troubled by 12th Horse Death in 2 Months

In response to Saturday’s announcement by racetrack officials that two more horses had been euthanized, Churchill Downs, the site of the Kentucky Derby, declared that it was “troubled” by the recent spate of horse deaths.

Twelve horses have passed away at Churchill Downs in the last two months as a result of the track’s euthanasia of Lost in Limbo on Friday and Kimberley Dream on Saturday.

According to the track’s owner, Kimberley Dream’s left front leg had a “significant injury” during the opening race on Saturday.

Churchill Downs Inc. said in a news statement that Lost in Limbo suffered a similar injury during Friday’s seventh race, and veterinarians determined the injuries to be “inoperable and unrecoverable” in both cases.

The tweet below confirms the news of the death of 12th horse:

The stable part of the track reopened for training on March 30 and since then, 12 horses have died, according to the announcement.

The business claimed that it had disclosed the “highly unusual statistic” with “absolute dismay and sorrow.”

According to the announcement, “We do not accept this as appropriate or tolerable and share the public’s frustrations and, in some cases, the questions for which we do not yet have answers.”

In order to look into the deaths and increase the sport’s safety, Churchill Downs stated it is collaborating with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority.

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The breed registry for thoroughbreds in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the Jockey Club, and Churchill Downs are working together on epidemiological research to “review each individual horse to determine if there are any undetected patterns that have not yet been identified.”

As they wait for the results of investigations into the horses’ wounds and deaths, company representatives said they have yet to establish a “conclusive discernable pattern”.

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