Clarissa Saunders Cause Of Death: What Was Raven Saunders Mom’s Cause Of Death?

On August 3, Raven Saunders announced that she will be taking some time off after confirming on social media that her mother, Clarissa Saunders, had passed away. Before making the announcement, Raven stated that she had confirmed the loss of her mother. So, What was Clarissa Saunders Cause Of Death?

The disappointing news came only a few short days after Raven took silver in the shot put competition at Tokyo 2020. The Olympic champion athlete lifted her arms in a gesture of defiance after receiving her gold medal, crossing her arms over her chest.

According to the BBC, Raven’s attitude exemplified “the confluence of where all individuals who are persecuted meet.” The young contestant’s goal was to let others know that they are not on their own.

Who Was Clarissa Saunders?

Raven Saunders, an Olympic shot putter, has her mother, Clarissa Saunders, to thank her for her success.

Just two days after witnessing her daughter win her first Olympic medal at the Tokyo 2020 Games, she tragically passed away on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. Her passing came just two days after she had watched her daughter earn the medal.

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Raven made a dramatic gesture by raising her arms above the platform to form the symbol of an X. She explained that the gesture was meant to depict “the junction of where all individuals who are oppressed meet.”

Raven and her mother have an exceptionally strong bond, and Raven frequently praised her mother’s unflinching support.

Clarissa had in the past established a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising money to support her daughter in her pursuit of an Olympic ambition. On the page, she explained that she was a “single parent of modest resources.”

According to the information on her Facebook page, she went to Burke High School and lived in Charleston, South Carolina.

Clarissa is known as “Raven’s strongest fan,” according to John Tecklenburg, the Mayor of Charleston.

The fact that Clarissa and Raven have always been very close is demonstrated by the fact that the Olympian uses social media.

Clarissa attended Burke High School and resided in Charleston, South Carolina, according to the information that can be found on her Facebook page. In spite of the fact that her social handle did not reveal the nature of the work she did, it did reveal that she was in a committed relationship.

Since the very beginning, Clarissa has been Raven’s biggest supporter. In order to help her daughter realize her ambition of competing in the Olympics, she even created a GoFundMe website.

Clarissa said in her post that she was a “single parent of low means” and described her financial situation as such.

Raven’s longtime coach was the one who confirmed the news that Clarissa had passed away.

He announced the news on his Facebook page, writing, “Raven Saunders’ mother, Mrs. Clarissa Saunders, has passed away.” Mrs. Saunders and Raven’s sister Tanzy were attending one of the USATF’s Olympic Family watch parties in Florida, where they were hosted by the USATF. They also took the opportunity to celebrate with their families while they were there.

At this time, there has been no information provided regarding what exactly caused the death.

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Clarissa Saunders Cause Of Death

The circumstances surrounding Clarissa’s passing are not yet known. She was spotted talking to reporters about Raven’s future feat, and she beamed with pleasure when praising her daughter’s accomplishments. Just a few days before she passed away, she was observed doing this.

Raven’s longtime coach stated in an email that she had received confirmation that Clarissa had passed away. The email read, “The mother of Raven Saunders, Mrs. Clarissa Saunders has passed away.”

“Mrs. Saunders was in Florida with Raven’s sister Tanzy when she received an invitation from the USA Track & Field to attend one of their Olympic Family watch parties. They also took the opportunity to celebrate with their families while they were there.

Raven Saunders’s Tribute Post Explored

Similar to how she did with her father, Raven announced her mother’s death on social media. She made an Instagram tribute album for her friend Clarissa.

This is what Raven said in the post’s caption: “My heart and my soul scream out rn, but Ik my mom is in a fantastic space. I’ll miss everything about you: your laughter, you’re advice, your hugs, your unexpected twerks, and your love. The last time we spoke was one of the greatest.

All the strands of your being told me that you adore me, baby. I’ll see that Tanzy gets the help she needs. Your future grandchildren will grow up knowing what a remarkable and stunning grandma they had. Your Firstborn, always and forever. Thank you, Mom, and may God keep watch over us.

As a follow-up, Raven stated that she plans to disconnect from her various online profiles for a while.

Taking some time away from social media to focus on herself and her family, she wrote on Twitter. My mother was a wonderful person, and I shall carry her spirit with me always. One of the most important guardian angels in my life. Forever and always, you have my undying affection.

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