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Clayton Sheriff’s Employee Charged With Encouraging Convicts to Steal

Clayton Sheriff's Employee Charged With Encouraging Convicts to Steal

Clayton Sheriff's Employee Charged With Encouraging Convicts to Steal

In less than a week, Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen has arrested a fifth worker.

A worker for the sheriff’s office, Sarai Tatiana Ali, was arrested and charged with obstructing justice and being a part of a crime.

Sheriff Allen says that Ali helped and supported suspects and gave them private information before telling her crew to steal from other inmates.

Allen said in a statement on Thursday night, “I’d rather have one good deputy than 100 bad ones.” “I won’t stop until all of them are gone from my agency.”

Ali was put into the Clayton County Jail on Wednesday, just before midnight, according to the jail’s records. She is being held right now on a $5,500 bail.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Ali’s arrest is part of Allen’s “Operation Clean House.”

Jail records show that another contractor, Iyana Dixon, was put into jail less than an hour before Ali. She was accused of using a credit card that someone else had stolen at a Macy’s shop.

Both arrests happen just a few days after three others.

Tabitha Clifton, a corrections officer, and Jessica Castellanos, a nurse, were arrested on Friday and accused of giving illegal items to prisoners.

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Less than 24 hours ago, Correctional Officer Sean Hollinshead was accused of “orchestrating” an attack on an inmate.

Allen says that Hollinshead put an inmate in a high-risk housing unit where he was beaten and stabbed. They say that he did nothing to help the prisoner after that.

Dixon is still in the Clayton County Jail, but Hollinshead, Clifton, and Castellanos have been let out.

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