The Disappearance of a Cleveland Emt Who Was Supposed to Testify in a R@pe Trial

The Cleveland Police Department has issued a public appeal for assistance in locating a m!ssing Cleveland emergency medical technician who is believed to be in grave danger. The Cleveland Police Department has been searching for Lachelle Jordan, 30, ever since he was reported m!ssing on May 6.

He was last seen in the area of Fairport Avenue. Jordan was last seen wearing”a blue and white East Cleveland Fire Department sweatshirt with ECFD on the back and the Fire logo on the front, green and white tie dye pants and rainbow-colored Croc shoes.”

Cleveland EMS Union president Mark Barrett informed ABC News that a new employee named Jordan had reported being stalked by a coworker. Barrett explained that Jordan’s removal from the vehicle where she worked was motivated by concerns for her and her coworkers’ safety.

Cleveland Emt Worker Expected to Testify
Cleveland Emt Worker Expected to Testify

Cleveland Municipal Court case summary document Said, 65-year-old Michael Stennett was charged by prosecutors days before Jordan went m!ssing with stalking and violating an order of protection.

Cuyahoga County court records show that in May 2022, Stennett was indicted on two counts of r@pe and one count of kidn@pping. A family member of Jordan’s told Cleveland 19 News that Jordan planned to testify in the case.

According to Cleveland 19 News, Cleveland police have stated that there is currently no evidence linking Stennett to Jordan’s disappearance. WEWS, an ABC News affiliate in Cleveland, reports that Jordan had planned to appear at Stennett’s pre-trial hearing on Monday before he disappeared.

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An arrest warrant obtained by WEWS states that Jordan witnessed Stennett following her in her personal vehicle on many occasions while she was at work and also waited for her outside her residence. According to WEWS, the arr*st warrant states that two days before Jordan disappeared, she saw Stennett sitting outside her house.

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