Clovis, Fresno Lose Power Due to Heat

Extreme heat has caused power outages to begin in our region, starting in Clovis.

According to a PG&E announcement, 4,200 people are currently without electricity.

Clovis, Fresno Lose Power Due to Heat
Clovis, Fresno Lose Power Due to Heat

The utility company made the call shortly after 3 p.m. to avoid a larger outage that would have lasted for much longer in the event of an equipment failure.
Blackouts are expected to continue until approximately 6:15 p.m., according to the business.

The area of Southeast Fresno was hit by the second reported outage.

Near Belmont and First Avenues, about 1,300 customers lost power for about two hours. It’s back to normal now.
During power disruptions caused by the heat, PG&E says it has launched an Emergency Operation Center to distribute any necessary aid.

Customers are urged to plan ahead and carry essentials.