Coach: Bear Assault Leaves Wyoming College Wrestlers ‘blood-soaked’

The coach of two collegiate wrestlers in Wyoming told Fox News that the two were “blood-soaked” after a bear assault on Saturday when they were hunting with teammates.

Northwest College sophomores Kendell Cummings (an Evanston native) and Brady Lowry (a Cedar City, Utah native) were in the Shoshone National Forest hunting antlers with teammates August Harrison and Orrin Jackson when they were attacked by a grizzly bear.

Coach: Bear Assault Leaves Wyoming College Wrestlers 'blood-soaked'
Coach: Bear Assault Leaves Wyoming College Wrestlers ‘blood-soaked’

Lowry told Fox News that he and Cummings broke off to go to higher ground after the others left. It was a bear’s poop, he added, and they found it while they were traveling.

Lowry, who was attacked first, recounted the incident, saying, “Before you could even think or blink, there’s a bear that came charging out of the woods right in front of me.” “It was really hammering me up.”

In addition to being bitten in the right thigh, he shattered his arm, which needed six screws and bolts. By the end of the assault, he was curled into a ball. Cummings, realizing his companion was in danger, shouted and grabbed the bear before being pursued by the beast.

Then, Lowry shouted for Harrison and Jackson and dialed 911. According to Harrison, he climbed a hill and saw Cummings, who was limping down the slope, and assumed he was hurt.

According to Harrison of Fox News, “he was literally bathed with blood going down the slope everywhere.” The two of us took turns bringing him down to the field below.

People in the group waved down emergency personnel, who came shortly after. Jim Zeigler, the wrestling team’s coach, told Fox News that Cummings was flown to the hospital and Lowry was transported by ambulance. Both were sent to the emergency room at a hospital in Billings, Montana.

Both Cummings and Lowry are anticipated to make full recoveries, but they will be out of action for the Wrestling season while they do so. Both Harrison and Jackson expressed interest in competing in forthcoming wrestling events.

“All kinds of mental anguish have been inflicted on those guys. We can’t even begin to fathom what happened when they had to go and get a youngster out of the water and take him to safety “Harrison and Jackson, Zeigler said.

On Monday, Lowry was discharged from the hospital. Sometime later this week, “but with drainage tubes,” Zeigler added, Cummings could be freed.

“There are several deep lacerations and puncture wounds. His skull is stapled together, and he had work done on his cheek for looks “…he made the following remark. “They’re not going to be wrestling again for quite some time.”

Wyoming Department of Fish and Wildlife officials noted in a statement that observations of bears in the region where the incident happened are typical.

Dan Smith, the wildlife supervisor for the Cody Region, stated, “In the location where the assault happened, information from landowners and sportsmen suggest there may be six to ten distinct bears traveling between agricultural fields and low elevation slopes.”


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