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Coach’s Efforts Bring Back Black Fraternity at University of Colorado

Coach's Efforts Bring Back Black Fraternity at University of Colorado

There have been several adjustments made to the Colorado Buffaloes football program since Deion Sanders arrived on campus. Before the Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback arrived in Boulder, one of his coaches had already created a name for himself there.

Former Buffaloes center Joshua Jynes (2018-2021) was instrumental in bringing back the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. in November 2022, making it the first historically Black fraternity to do so at CU Boulder. “I didn’t look into it because I assumed every college had, you know, fraternities. So, Black fraternities and sororities,” Jynes said.

“When I got on campus, I was looking for it and they was like, they didn’t have it.” The historically black fraternity thrived at CU in the 1990s; it had its origins at Howard University in 1911. Jaynes comes from a family of Omegi Psi Psy brothers; both his father and uncle are active members of the organization.

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His uncle phoned De’Ron Jasper, a fraternity mate and a CU assistant athletic director/assistant director of services and operations. “He was like ‘oh, I wanted to be an Omega, but he didn’t know at the time that Omegas were even around,” Jasper said.

“And I had the opportunity to already kind of gauge him and I was like I can see him fitting in. How he could help.” With the help of Jasper and TJ Labree, the three of them were able to join a fraternity or sorority and gain provisional status on campus. It took a whole year, till 2022, to finish the process.

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“I think it’s important to just to have that representation so that they can say, ‘hey, I have the opportunity. I see it’s there and if I want to strive to be in that then I have the opportunity to do that,'” Jasper said. The four pillars of Omega are manhood, learning, tenacity, and elevating others.

Jynes would like to see more Omega guys representing the purple and gold on campus. “Always having a brother to lean on. Always having someone to call when things get tough. I can always do that and that’s something that I think is the foundation of the fraternity and I think it’s something that we really rely on. I really enjoy that,” Jynes said.

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