Coast Guard Search Ends for Louisiana High School Graduate M!ssing at Sea in Bahamas

The US Coast Guard announced on Friday, citing Bahamian military officials, that they had called off their search for a recent high school graduate from Louisiana who had fallen overboard a yacht in the Bahamas earlier this week.

A representative for Louisiana State University told CNN that Cameron Robbins jumped off a boat on Wednesday night while on a senior trip celebrating his graduation from University High Lab School in Baton Rouge.

The US Coast Guard was informed on Friday that the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, which had been searching for him, had suspended active search efforts and that the service’s assistance was no longer required. It stated that beginning on Wednesday and continuing through Friday evening, the US Coast Guard assisted in the search.

We offer our sincerest condolences to Cameron Robbins’ family and friends,” the Coast Guard said. High school baseball coach Justin Morgan told CNN that Robbins was a “fierce competitor” and that he played third base and pitched for the club before the search was called off.

Coast Guard Search Ends for Louisiana High School Graduate Missing at Sea in Bahamas (1)
Coast Guard Search Ends for Louisiana High School Graduate Missing at Sea in Bahamas

“Cameron is a kid who is truly loved by his teammates, coaches, teachers and fellow classmates,” Morgan told CNN. “He is a fierce competitor on the baseball field. He is a hard worker both on and off of the playing field.”

According to Morgan, the disappearance of Robbins has hit the school community hard. “Our thoughts and prayers have been and will remain with the Robbins family during this time,” he said. In this case, the university’s College of Human Sciences and Education is in charge of the high school.

The below tweet verifies the news:

Director Kevin George told CNN affiliate WBRZ that Robbins spent all 13 years of his schooling at the institution. “That’s a special kid that’s been here throughout his entire educational career. He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they cross the stage,” George said.

“The kids reached out to us wanting to know, could they do a prayer circle? Obviously we agreed. We really appreciated their leadership in this trying time,” he continued. The Coast Guard has confirmed that they suspect Robbins fell overboard while on a sunset cruise near Nassau. The Royal Bahamas Defense Force and Royal Bahamas Police Force have been contacted by CNN.

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