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US Coast Guard Seizures Cocaine in Atlantic and Caribbean Reach Record High

Cocaine Seizures in Atlantic and Caribbean Reach Record High

Cocaine Seizures in Atlantic and Caribbean Reach Record High

A man was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in southwest Wisconsin after he fled a traffic check with the deputy still attached to his car. According to a news release, the US Coast Guard has captured more than 14,153 pounds of cocaine worth more than $186 million.

The drugs were seized in nine different cases in international waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

CNN confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

According to the announcement, 12 alleged smugglers were also detained and will be prosecuted.

“The contraband offloaded today represents the professional expertise and dedication of U.S. defense and law enforcement agencies working together to combat the flow of illicit drugs through the Caribbean Region into the United States,” Lt. Peter Hutchison, duty enforcement officer at Coast Guard District Seven said in the release. “This teamwork is imperative to the identification, interception, and seizure of vessels engaged in illicit trafficking and a testament to the hard work of these crews.”

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A United Nations research published in March found that over the previous two years, both the production and consumption of cocaine have increased significantly globally. According to the research, there have been more interceptions by law enforcement organizations around the world, and a record amount of cocaine was captured in 2021—nearly 2,000 tons.

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