Colleen Ritzer Death: How A 14 Year Old Obsessed Student Murdered His Math Teacher?

Colleen Ritzer Death: American high school teacher and businesswoman from Lawrence, Massachusetts, Colleen Ritzer. Some say that Colleen taught mathematics at Danvers High School.

Ritzer enjoyed widespread popularity due to his helpful demeanor in the classroom. As a matter of fact, she stayed after school hours to help her students as well. They felt comfortable coming up to her and asking her questions.

Who Is Colleen Ritzer

On May 13, 1989, Colleen Ritzer entered this world. Her birth took place on a Saturday in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She came from a Christian family with deep roots in the community. A 24-year-old woman named Colleen Ritzer was killed, and sources say she was the prime suspect (at the time of her death in 2013).

As a woman, Colleen has a wide range of skills. It has been reported that Colleen graduated from Andover High School. In order to further her education, she enrolled at Assumption College.

Colleen Ritzer DeathSource: Daily Mail

After that, she entered the teaching profession at Danvers High School. She was a teacher, and from what we can tell, she was also attending classes at Salem State University. The beloved math teacher passed away far too young, at 24.

As far as we can tell, Colleen Ritzer was of White Caucasian descent. She was born under the Taurus zodiac and followed Christianity. As far as we can tell from the available information, Colleen Ritzer was the oldest of her family’s children. Her father “Thomas Ritzer” is a successful businessman. Peggie Ritzer is the name of her mom.

There are two more members of her family, a sister named Laura and a brother named Daniel, who share the last name Ritzer (brother). She has close relationships with each of her siblings.

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Colleen Ritzer Death

Colleen Ritzer Death:  New court documents reveal that the 14-year-old accused of slicing the neck of his math teacher in the school bathroom left a horrifying note reading, “I detest you all,” next to her “sexually staged” body.

Police in Massachusetts thinks Philip Chism plotted the brutal murder of 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer because he showed up to school that day armed with a box cutter, a ski mask, gloves, and several changes of clothing, according to records made public on Friday.

A state trooper provided a comprehensive timeline of events in order to obtain a warrant to investigate Chism’s residence, from the teen’s anger toward his instructor to his confession to the officer that the blood on his knife belonged to “the girl.”

Another student may have witnessed the incident in progress, he said, but fled after catching sight of someone half-naked and a heap of clothes on the floor.

Student interviews and surveillance footage from the school allowed detectives to piece together a timeline of Chism and Ritzer’s whereabouts as the school day wound down on October 22.

They were with another student in a second-floor classroom after the conclusion of the school day for extra support.

The second student reported to the police that Ms. Ritzer had stated the state of Tennessee. According to the affidavit, “she stated that Philip became obviously irritated after she mentioned Tennessee.”

She explained that Ms. Ritzer realized Philip was becoming agitated because of the subject of Tennessee. After that, Ms. Ritzer allegedly shifted the subject, according to her.

Chism had recently moved to Massachusetts from Tennessee, where his parents were undergoing a “stressful” divorce, according to relatives who spoke to police. The relevance of this remained unclear.

What Happened With Philip Chism

A high school math teacher was brutally raped and murdered, and the teen Philip Chism responsible for it was given the maximum sentence of life in prison.

In October of 2013, Philip Chism, then 14 years old, murdered Colleen Ritzer, a 24-year-old student at Denver High School.

According to ABC News, a judge in Salem Superior Court in Massachusetts handed down a life sentence with parole consideration after 25 years to the adolescent.

Ms. Ritzer’s parents, two younger siblings, and coworkers all testified in front of the judge, all while wearing pink in honor of her favorite color.

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