Collierville Officer-hitter Wanted In Shooting

Collierville police said the man who shot up his ex-apartment girlfriend’s that morning is the same man who ran over an officer on Saturday, critically injuring the officer and causing a state-wide Blue Alert.

As he sped away from the Fairfield Inn on Houston Levee and Highway 385, Keith Houston is said to have struck the officer with his white Corvette. After evading capture for several hours, he was finally apprehended by officials in Shelby County.

Collierville Officer-hitter Wanted In Shooting
Collierville Officer-hitter Wanted In Shooting

More information regarding the alleged offense that prompted police to begin hunting for Houston is provided in an affidavit submitted to the court.

After responding to a report of an aggravated assault just after 2 a.m. in the Windyke area, county officers began searching for Houston. Deputy sheriffs were called after a lady claimed her ex-boyfriend, Houston, threatened to kill her and “shoot the house up.”

Several individuals, including his ex-girlfriend, were inside a house when they heard gunfire, according to deputies. The victim heard a break-in attempt via the front door, at which point she retrieved her own weapon and fired two shots through the panes of glass.

A witness who was waiting in his car outside the residence told police that Houston drove up in a white Corvette and started firing out the passenger window. Law enforcement officials discovered a shot casing and a bullet hole in the garage.

A guy was reportedly shot and died in front of his home in Fayette County, according to his family.
The sound of the first gunshots jolted me awake. After that, I heard the other three bullets,” claimed Rod Richmond, a neighbor.

After that, the suspect and another individual, according to his account, left the site. There has been only one suspect mentioned so far, and that is Houston.

The affidavit claims that Houston was apprehended at a property on Alta Vista and a pistol was recovered inside, but makes no mention of the pursuit or the event that injured the officer in Collierville.

A 32-year-old man named Houston is being held on charges of attempted murder, firearms offenses, firing into an inhabited residence, stalking, and domestic abuse. On Sunday, no charges relating to the alleged assault on the Collierville officer were visible in court or jail records.

Bond was set at $150,000 and he is now detained. On Monday, you have a court hearing.

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