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Colorado State Patrol Releases Disturbing Videos of Stolen Trooper Car Chase Ending in Fatal Crash

Colorado State Patrol Releases Disturbing Videos of Stolen Trooper Car Chase Ending in Fatal Crash

The Colorado State Patrol is providing detailed information about the day a suspect stole a trooper’s car and caused a fatal crash. Multiple recordings documenting the events on June 20th in Otero County before to 11 a.m. were released by the state agency.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, the suspect was apprehended after troopers responded to a “shots fired” complaint concerning the suspect’s vehicle. “In addition, the suspect was reported to have caused multiple crashes and attempted to cause head-on crashes with himself and other vehicles,” CSP wrote in a news release.

“Troopers performed a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) that stopped the vehicle and law enforcement contacted the suspect successfully.” On Wednesday, footage of the suspect being placed in handcuffs in the trunk of a police car was released to the public.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The suspect, handcuffed but able to move his hands, climbed into the driver’s seat of the trooper’s car. “During the arrest, the suspect gained access to the front of a fully marked Colorado State Patrol vehicle and fled,” the release adds.

“Agencies on the scene pursued the suspect in the stolen patrol vehicle and troopers deployed stop sticks further down Highway 50. After hitting the stop sticks, the suspect in the patrol vehicle lost control, crashed into the side of a stopped Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) parked on the side of Highway 50 and caught on fire. “

“The suspect was removed from the patrol vehicle and transported to an area hospital. The suspect later succumbed to injuries sustained at the time of the crash. The CMV driver was not injured.”

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Anthony Alphonso Sanchez III was named as the suspect. The inquiry is being handled by the Colorado Bureau of inquiry at this time. Internally, the Colorado State Patrol is also looking into the matter.

The CSP has stated that they will investigate how Sanchez was able to disable the car’s anti-theft features, as well as whether or not the conduct of the implicated troopers were consistent with CSP policy and training, with an emphasis on public safety.

Col. Matthew C. Packard reported on Wednesday that a pair of keys had been found on the passenger seat of the crashed vehicle; he did not know for certain whether or not they belonged to the trooper vehicle, but it was “very possible.”

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