Convicted Murderer Graham Dwyer Denied Prison Transfer After Losing ‘Celebrity’ Status

The Irish Sunday Mirror has revealed that serial killer Mark Nash and sadistic murderer Graham Dwyer have been rejected for jail transfers.

The two inmates, who are housed in the G2 section of the Midlands Prison in Co. Laois, requested to be transferred to Dublin-area jails. It is believed that the two murderers, who were once characterized as being good friends, wanted to be transferred to Arbour Hill Prison, where Nash was formerly serving a life sentence.

According to a source who spoke to the Irish Sunday Mirror, Dwyer is believed to have requested a jail transfer as a result of “verbal abuse” from other prisoners.

The sex monster, 50, is said to have lost his battle to get his conviction for the murder of daycare provider Elaine O’Hara last month overturned.

Inmates began verbally abusing Cocky Dwyer since he was no longer viewed as a “celebrity” in the jail after telling them that winning his case would open the door for others.

According to a source, Dwyer told inmates who often wouldn’t listen to him that if he won the case, they might have a chance of being released as well.

DublinLive confirms the news on their official Twitter account:

“He raised their expectations, and they were all counting on him to succeed. He exuded such confidence and a strong sense of self that you could say some prisoners began to look out for him.

“The tides swiftly changed once he lost his lawsuit. There was tension in the room as inmates who had formerly hung on his every word now wanted nothing to do with him. He was receiving a lot of verbal abuse from them.

Some of the inmates were extremely irritated by this, and Dwyer seems to constantly be looking over his shoulder. He requested a transfer, but it was denied.

According to the insider, Nash wanted to return to Arbour Hill because that is where he lived before being sent to the Midlands. He is fairly well-known, so that’s probably why it wasn’t approved. Nash has recently started distributing information to staff about the DVDs available in the prison and looks to be frustrated with the Midlands Prison as well. It looks like all he wanted was a change of scenery.

Nash killed four people in two separate incidents in 1997, but it took nearly 20 years for the horror of his savage killing spree to be exposed.

The 50-year-old murderer from Mayo who was raised in England once made friends with the deranged bondage killer Dwyer at the Laois prison, but the two have since grown apart. For killing Catherine and Carl Doyle and leaving his girlfriend Sarah Jane Doyle critically injured, Nash received a double life term. An August 1997 attack had caused him to change from a “Dr Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde,” a court was informed.

Nash quickly withdrew his statement after confessing to the double murder of two ladies in Grangegorman in Dublin five months prior to his arrest for the deaths. Following a DNA discovery, he was charged with those murders in October 2009.

Convicted killers Dwyer and Nash face legal setbacks in Ireland

Both victims’ DNA was discovered on a killer’s velvet jacket as a result of a cold case review. He was found guilty in 2015 of killing Mary Callinan, 61, and Sylvia Shiels, 59, in sheltered housing on the hospital’s grounds in March 1997.

In their beds, both women were discovered murdered. After his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights regarding his conviction for the killings was denied in 2020, Nash will probably pass away in prison.

According to reports, Cork-born Dwyer will appeal his conviction for killing daycare provider Elaine O’Hara before the Supreme Court. The individual denied purchasing and using a phone discovered in Vartry Reservoir, County Wicklow, to send texts about stabbing Ms. O’Hara.

He killed the 36-year-old and then attempted to make it appear as though she committed herself by throwing some of her items into the reservoir. Her body was placed in a wilderness, where it was discovered in 2013.

The former architect’s appeal over the phone data records used during his trial was rejected last month, according to Mr. Justice George Birmingham.

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