Cooper City Has A Lot Of Damage From Tornadoes

Many Cooper City streets, residences, and businesses were severely damaged on Tuesday night, and the storm is still strengthening as of Wednesday.

A series of tornadoes swept over the area around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, leaving streets flooded and some roads impassable as trees continued to fall.

Jesus Rubio, a viewer of Local 10, shared footage of the effects of high winds on the Publix at the corner of Sheridan Street and Pine Island Road, not far from Brian Piccolo Park, on Tuesday night.

The doors were blown open, branches came crashing down, and water and debris were blown inside, as seen in this video of the devastation done to a Publix in Cooper City.

On Wednesday morning, the same Publix had been greatly cleaned up, though the shattered trees and crews’ early morning labor were still visible.

Wednesday is the day you can visit the shop.

Wakeboarders were seen in the streets of Cooper City, Florida, in video taken by Local 10′s Ian Margol on Wednesday while the streets remained flooded.

A family was found by Local 10 just a few blocks away from the Publix, and they said the tornado had passed past their backyard.

Tornado ripped up Chris Heywang’s family’s Cooper City, Missouri, property, he told Local 10 News.

Heywang explained that they were first concerned when they arrived since they could not see the house from the road due to the fallen trees.

Home security footage from a house on Darlington Place captures the moment the winds picked up at around 7:30 p.m., sending garbage cans skidding and debris flying and breaking tree branches like twigs.

Many Cooper City residents have a lot of work to do after Hurricane Ian destroyed gates and caused trees to fall on their homes.

Aside from Hurricane Andrew, “in all my years, I’ve never seen damage in this neighborhood extensive like this,” Heywang added.

No injuries have been reported, according to officials, following the storm.

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