Autopsy of Demonstrator Slain by Police in “Cop City” Reveals He Was Shot 57 Times

CBS News has obtained the autopsy report of the demonstrator shot and killed by police in January at the “Cop City” training facility in Atlanta, Georgia. The protester suffered at least 57 gunshot wounds. The Dekalb County Medical Examiner’s examination revealed that Manuel Paez Teran had been shot multiple times in the head, chest, hands, and legs.

There were “too many variables with respect to the movement of the decedent and the shooters,” the medical examiner said, thus the autopsy could not determine Teran’s “body position” when he was shot.

“Since most shootings involving multiple gunshots are dynamic events attempts to place the decedent in any particular position at a specific point in time is fraught with potential inaccuracies,” the autopsy stated.

According to the independent autopsy the Teran family paid for and publicly disclosed last month, Teran had his hands up and was sitting cross-legged when he was shot. On January 18th, an environmental activist named Teran was shot and murdered at a protest near the future location of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

Cop City Protester Killed by Officers
Cop City Protester Killed by Officers

Another Georgia state policeman was injured by gunfire. Teran allegedly shot and injured a state policeman, according to police reports. A picture of the gun the GBI says Teran had at the time of the shooting has already been released.

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According to the GBI, the wounded trooper was shot using a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm that Teran legally purchased in 2020. Neither Teran’s clothing nor the area around any of the bullet wounds showed signs of “soot, stippling, searing,” or “gunpower residue,” according to the autopsy report.

According to the GBI, no footage of the shooting itself was captured by any police body cameras. Family members of Teran said in a statement issued Wednesday evening that “while the autopsy report provides additional information, it does not bring the family closer to the answers they seek.” Protests at “Cop City” have been going on for months, leading to the detention of dozens of people.

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