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Is the Costco Credit Card Good for You? An Honest Review

Costco Credit Card

Costco Credit Card

The Costco credit card, also known as the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi, is a popular choice among Costco members for its rewards program and various benefits. Here is a review of the Costco credit card, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Costco Credit Card Advantages

  1. Rewards program: The Costco credit card offers generous cashback rewards on purchases made at Costco and other eligible stores. Cardholders can earn 4% cash back on eligible gas purchases worldwide, including gas at Costco, up to $7,000 per year. They can also earn 3% cashback on restaurant and eligible travel purchases, 2% cashback on all other purchases from Costco and, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  2. No annual fee: Unlike many rewards credit cards, the Costco credit card does not have an annual fee, making it a great choice for those who want to earn cashback without paying an additional fee.
  3. Easy redemption: Cashback earned with the Costco credit card can be redeemed for merchandise or cash at any Costco warehouse in the U.S., or online at The redemption process is simple and straightforward.
  4. Travel benefits: The Costco credit card offers some travel benefits, such as worldwide travel accident insurance, car rental insurance, and emergency travel assistance.

Costco Credit Card Disadvantages

  1. Limited acceptance: The Costco credit card is only accepted at Costco and other eligible stores. It cannot be used at other retailers or online stores, which can be a drawback for some consumers.
  2. High-interest rate: The interest rate on the Costco credit card is relatively high compared to other credit cards. This can be problematic for those who carry a balance on their card.
  3. No introductory offer: Unlike many other credit cards, the Costco credit card does not offer any introductory offer such as a 0% APR period or sign-up bonus.

If you need help to log in your credit card account, try one of the following:

Costco Credit Card Review

In conclusion, the Costco credit card is a great option for frequent Costco shoppers who want to earn cashback rewards. The card offers generous rewards, no annual fee, and easy redemption. However, the limited acceptance, high-interest rates, and lack of introductory offers may be disadvantages for some consumers.

Ultimately, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the Costco credit card before applying and deciding if it is the right choice for your needs.

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