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Costco Employee Site : Complete Guide, ESS Portal LogIn

_Costco Employee Site Complete Guide, ESS Portal LogIn

_Costco Employee Site Complete Guide, ESS Portal LogIn

Costco’s employee website is essential to creating a new road map for the company. There are a lot of hard-working folks on this site who enjoy doing their tasks quickly and accurately. Some employees at this company are quite pleased with this website’s design. For both new and long-time Costco employees, the company’s website is extremely user-friendly.

This website streamlines the process of tracking down an employee’s attendance. This website will eventually grow in size and functionality for both current and future employees of the company and its partners. For starters, this Costco employee website has a whole new look and is faster and more informative to use.

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What is the Costco ESS Employee portal?

Workers at Costco may now access an employee-focused website that has a variety of useful resources for both current and previous employees, such as a pay stub or history, tax forms or leave policies or other aspects of their employment that may be of interest to them.

Using their login credentials, all employees have access to this site and can look up any data or reports they need at any time.

How to log in to Costco ESS (Employee self-service) portal?

Employees can visit the official Costco ESS website where they can obtain the latest updates and tips pertaining to login and employee perks. A user’s username and password are required to access the system. Please follow the instructions listed below.

In order to log in, the following information is necessary:

There are two ways to log in.

  1. General login procedure
  2. Login through a direct link

i-General login procedure:

Total Time: 2 minutes

  1. Visit the official website

  1. Visit the official Costco website. Check if you are accessing the website for your country by looking at the country code at the top right corner.

  2. Visit the Costco employee website

    Now you will have to move down the webpage. At the footer, you will find an Employee Site link. Click this link to visit the Costco employee self-service portal.

  3. Open the Costco ESS login page

    Once you visit the employee site, you will see a Current Employee Login link. Click this link to open the login page.

  4. Login to the ESS portal

    • Employees are now able to log in using their username and password. To access your self-service portal, simply enter your Username and Password in the appropriate fields and click the Sign In button.


    • It has already been mentioned above how to log in to the Costco ESS, however, employees can use the direct login URL to reach the login page directly, as we have discussed. To get to their ESS account after logging in, Costco employees can utilize the URL to get to their destination.

    Note: If you are using the Costco network to log in to your account then it is already secured with the help of the latest technology. If you are accessing your account from outside the Costco network then you must take the necessary precautions as mentioned below.

    • Always open the Costco employee website with the most recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox.
    • The computer you’re using should have an anti-virus program installed.
    • Usernames and passwords should always be entered via the on-screen keyboard.
    • Log out of your account and exit the browser window after you’re done working.
    • Before shutting down, wipe the browser’s cache and history.
    • Don’t let anyone else have access to your Username and Password.

    Summary of Costco Employee Benefits

    • Costco Job Security
    • Costco Friendly Work Environment
    • Costco Employee Life Insurance
    • Costco Health insurance
    • Costco 401k pension plans
    • Costco Employee discounts
    • Costco Employee
    • Costco disability insurance
    • Costco vision insurance
    • Costco Employee Stock Purchase Plan
    • Costco Thanksgiving Turkey
    • Costco Health Benefits
    • Costco College Student Retention Program
    • Free Memberships
    • Costco Dental Insurance
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Costco Employee Discount
    • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Costco provides “Time and Half” on Sundays.
    • Lots of growth opportunities
    • Bonuses

    To learn more about the perks, visit There, you’ll discover all the information you need. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll need to provide your insurance nominee and your own registration information twice.

    Among other perks, Costco employees can make use of these as well as others listed on the official Costco employee website. In order for Costco Wholesale workers to enroll in and learn about the company’s Employee Benefits packages, the Costco Benefits Website offers open enrollment. All Costco Employee Perks and Employee Discounts can be accessed with the correct login technique. There are numerous advantages for Costco employees, including these employee benefits and employee discounts.

    How can I reset my Costco Employee Self-Service Login password?

    Have you misplaced your Costco employee login credentials? Please don’t worry; we’ll help you get back in. Please follow these instructions in order to reset your ESS Costco employee login password:

    • Visit to access the Costco employee login official site and sign in.
    • You can choose “Reset your Password” from the drop-down menu.
    • An alternative webpage will open in its place.
    • Choosing a country and entering your employee number are the next steps.
    • After that, select “continue” from the drop-down menu.
    • A series of security questions and other information will then be requested from you.
    • Enter your Costco ESS login credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your forgotten password.

    How do I recover my Costco ESS Username?

    Have you lost access to your Costco employee account because you’ve forgotten your username? You can get your Costco ESS username back by following these simple steps:

    • Go to the Costco employee login portal’s official webpage.
    • There’s a link to “Retrieve Username” there if you need it. That needs to be pressed.
    • After you’ve chosen your nation and entered your Costco employee id, click the continue button.
    • Answer the security questions and follow the on-screen instructions to regain access to your Costco account username.

    What Is The Costco Employee Login Portal?

    You must first register with the Costco ESS Portal in order to access the Costco employee login portal. The following are the steps to becoming a member of the Costco employee self-service program:

    • Check out for the official Costco employee log-in page and sign in.
    • From the drop-down menu, select “Register Here.”
    • There is a page named “My Costco Account Registration” that you will be taken to.
    • Your nationality, employee ID, warehouse location, and so on will all be requested.
    • Then, from the “Continue” drop-down menu, pick “Yes.”
    • In the next step, you’ll select a username.
    • Your personal information, including your full name, birth date, e-mail, and phone number must be entered in the third step.
    • In the fourth stage, you must verify your phone number and other personal details.
    • Create a password for your Costco employee account, and you’ll be done.

    Ex-Costco Employees’ Access Codes

    The Costco employee site is also open to those who have left the company. A separate gateway is available for them. Prior pay stubs, w2-forms, and other records can be accessed. As a former Costco employee, you can log in to your account by following these steps:

    • Visit to access the Costco employee login official website.
    • To log in as a former employee, choose “Former Employee Login” from the menu.
    • There is a chance it will redirect you to the Costco ESS login page.
    • Now, log in with your Costco employee ID and password.
    • Following the completion of the login process, you will see a button that says “Sign in”.

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    Features and services offered by the Costco ESS site

    The Employee Self Service site of Costco offers a wide range of services and facilities to its employees. It’s easy for employees to access other portals linked to the Costco ESS site. Listed here are a few of the most important ones. Please take a look at the following.

    Credit Card:

    The Paycheck Plus service is being offered to Costco employees. Every month, employees receive their salary in their Pay Card account via a prepaid card. It’s a more expedient method of payment than a check because it’s made electronically and credited to employees’ pay cards.

    Payroll cards eliminate the requirement for a bank account in order to get a paycheck. With it, employees can do a variety of things, including shopping and making purchases, as well as withdrawing cash from an ATM.

    How to log in to the Costco Pay Card account?

    By enrolling into their online Costco Pay Card accounts, employees can check their Pay Card balance and transaction history. Let me walk you through the next steps.

    Step 1: Open the Costco employee website and click the Pay Card link.

    Step 2: Employees will be redirected to the Paycheck plus login page which is providing the prepaid card to Costco employees.

    To access your Paycheck account, enter your User ID and Password and click the Login button.

    You must first activate your Pay Card if you are a new user. You can accomplish this by clicking the Activate button on the login page.


    Costco is using the Equifax Workforce Solutions) (“EWS”) product developed by the TALX Corporation through the Equifax website. Equifax provides paperless payroll management solutions to its clients. There are many benefits of using this portal as mentioned below.

    Paystub: Employees can check their paystub details easily from a centralized database through the web or phone.

    Direct Deposit: Employees can use the direct deposit accounts to manage and update.

    Manage personal information: Employees will have access to personal details that they can edit and update anytime if there is incorrect data such as email address, Mailing address, contact information, etc.

    Self-service and personal reporting: Employees will have access to the important services over the phone or through the web and employees can check their schedules, download statements, etc whenever required.

    Tax information: Employees will have access to state, federal, and local withholding information on their own with iW-4 Management and Paperless Pay and Tax Form Management integration is also available to access tax forms easily.

    How to access the ePayroll?

    Employees can log in to the ePayroll portal to access all the above-mentioned information. Please check the below steps.

    Step 1: Open the Costco ESS portal.

    Step 2: Click the Historical ePayroll link. You will be redirected to the Paperless portal of TALX. Click the Click here to login link to open the login page.

    Step 3: Enter your User ID and click the Continue button. On the next screen enter your password and click the Login button to access your payroll portal.

    If you are accessing the portal first time then you will have to register first. The registration link is given on the right side.


    Costco provides different types of benefits to its employees ranging from healthcare, finance, retirement, and much more.

    How to access the Costco Employee Benefits portal?

    Visit the website. You will be redirected to the self-service portal (as shown below).

    Employees can access the portal by entering their email addresses and passwords. If you’re a new employee, the first time you use this portal, you’ll need to click the Registration link to sign up.

    As an employee, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide range of perks at this company. These include health and life insurance as well as AD&D, Disability, Retirement, and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPL). Please contact the Costco Benefits Department at 1-800-284-4882 if you have any questions.