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County Cops Also Shot The Third Suspect In The Home Invasion In The New Castle Neighborhood

County Cops Also Shot The Third Suspect In The Home Invasion In The New Castle Neighborhood

County Cops Also Shot The Third Suspect In The Home Invasion In The New Castle Neighborhood

New Castle County police revealed on Wednesday that a third man had been charged in relation to a Sunday home invasion that led to officers using force.

The third suspect in the house invasion, 23-year-old Alistair Dipasquale, was shot during the early morning incident, according to the police statement.

Police claimed they held off on informing the public that a third party was involved for days out of concern that he would not be located.

According to Cpl. Michael McNasby of Delaware Online/The News Journal, “it was a swiftly moving investigation, and after we found that a third person was involved and left, there was a risk that is releasing that at the time might impair the ability to identify and locate the third suspect.”

Background: Police in New Castle County have identified the man who was shot by authorities during a home burglary nearby.

According to police, Dipasquale was one of three guys who broke into a house in the first block of West Minuit Drive at around 1:50 on Sunday. There were eight individuals living there, including three kids.

Police Report A House Invasion With Weapons And Looting

According to the authorities, the intruders rashed out the house while holding the victims at gunpoint and stole various items.

According to authorities, while the males were leaving, policemen arrived and told them to follow their instructions. But the men were unwilling to help.

Then the policemen opened fire, hitting Evan Chandler, a 20-year-old Bear resident who survived the shooting.

Dipasquale was wounded in the officer-involved shooting as well, but he was able to escape as Chandler and New Castle resident David Salasky III, 22, were apprehended that evening.

On Tuesday, Dipasquale was detained by Wilmington county police and FBI agents as he was walking close to the 900 block of North Franklin Street. Dipasquale was shot during the early-Sunday incident, according to the police.

Before being transported by officers to the New Castle County police headquarters, he received treatment at a local hospital.

The three males are accused of several offences, including first-degree robbery and accusations involving guns.

After failing to post their cash bails, Dipasquale, Chandler, and Salasky were being held at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution.

Salasky is the son of David Salasky Jr., who was given two life sentences in 2014 after admitting culpability in the 2011 murder of New Castle County Police Lt. Joseph Szczerba despite being mentally ill.

Salasky allegedly went on a burglary rampage in the Penn Acres neighborhood on the evening of September 16, 2011, while under the influence of bath salts, a designer drug known to create hallucinations, according to police and prosecutors.

When he came upon Salasky, Szczerba, 44, was responding to allegations of a guy breaking into cars. Salasky allegedly ran away from Szczerba because he thought Szczerba was developing fangs, according to pretrial testimony.

Before meeting Szczerba, Salasky also had a long and extensive history of mental illness.

Salasky stabbed Szczerba repeatedly with a knife when the police tried to stop him after catching up with him. Szczerba later passed away from his wounds.

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