Couple From South Carolina Was Arrested For Leaving Two-year-old At Home Alone While They Were In New York

These days, there are a great number of persons who are apprehended for engaging in such risky behavior. This is frightening as well as depressing, particularly given the apparent lack of concern that adults have for their own children.

A child who was only two years old was left behind by his or her parents in South Carolina.  The way that the incident actually played out is what makes the situation even direr.

The first lie they told was that they had abandoned the child. Following then, they admitted that they had deserted the child.

On the other hand, the father excused it by stating that they departed because of business.

The child was left in the apartment by themselves while the parents were away in New York. The apartment was located in South Carolina. When we last left off, this whole thing had been going on for exactly a week.

A witness who requested anonymity stated that the child’s father had sent a text message stating that he was conducting business in New York. After that, the managers of the apartment complex went to check on the premises, but they were unable to get in touch with anyone.

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They found the infant in the flat, sleeping in the living room on a bed they discovered there when they arrived.

Fortunately, the child’s sole issue was a soiled diaper. This was the only problem. The baby woke up and reached for a water bottle, but it was dry when it got there. This is what the police say happened.

According to the reports obtained by the police, the father did in fact call the housing complex at some point. They stated that the father contacted and informed them that he had left the residence at six in the morning, claiming that he was “just a few states away.”

After that, he stated that, to his knowledge, the child was with the mother the entire time. After some time had passed, it was determined that the child’s mother was with the father. Because of this, both of the parents were placed under arrest.

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