Couple Killed in Car Crash After Elgin Man Allegedly Drives Drunk

In the incident this past weekend that claimed the lives of two recent high school graduates, an Elgin man has been charged.

Deni Rubio, 32, is accused of aggravated DUI causing death, reckless homicide, and attempting to disarm a police officer, according to Hoffman Estates police.

Amelia Mazeikis, 18, was a passenger in the collision that occurred near Higgins and Barrington Roads on Saturday morning while she was escorting her longtime partner D’Shaun Tudela to work.

The tweet below confirms the news:

“Thankfully, they had each other, and that brings a little bit of peace, knowing that he wasn’t alone when he passed and that they had each other, but at the same time, I know I can’t wake up tomorrow and expect him to call me,” Tudela’s mother, Crystal, told CBS-2.

Tudela and Mazeikis had just left Schaumburg High School.

Starting today, the school will provide grief counseling to any student who requires it.

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