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Coworker Wanted In MTA Driver’s Killing; Victim Had Restraining Order Against Him

Coworker Wanted In Mta Driver's Killing

Coworker Wanted In Mta Driver's Killing

Elaine Jackson, who claims a coworker has been stalking and harassing her, sought a restraining order from the court last week out of fear for her safety.

According to court documents, she was anxious about running into Leon Douglas Hill at the Maryland Transit Administration Bush Division building near Carroll Park in Southwest Baltimore.

Coworker Wanted In Mta Driver’s Killing; Victim Had Restraining Order Against Him

Jackson was shot dead in the Bush Division parking lot on Tuesday evening, just four days after a judge in Baltimore County District Court granted her plea for a temporary peace order.

On Friday, police in Baltimore announced that an arrest warrant had been issued for 53-year-old Hill in connection with the murder, which investigators suspect was the consequence of domestic abuse.

Investigators were still looking for him as of late Friday afternoon, authorities said.

Jackson stated in court papers that Hill was an MTA employee who worked the nightly shift and reported to the Washington Boulevard bus facility. On Friday afternoon, a spokesman for the agency would not comment on Hill’s status in the company, whether he had been suspended or penalized, or anything else that might have come up in the interview.

Baltimore Police say the incident occurred in the facility’s parking lot at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, and that Jackson, 40, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Jackson claimed in her restraining order petition that she and Hill had reconciled in March or April. Their “differences in the past” led to him “essentially pleading for my forgiveness,” she added.

In contrast, she once again distanced herself in the month of July.

It was obvious to her that he wanted more, and she noted that he was aware that she was in a relationship.

From what she’s said in her statement, Hill has been harassing her for a while now, phoning and messaging her constantly, demanding money, and making threats. She indicated on the application that she was being stalked by checking the appropriate box.

She added, “He also threatened if he can’t have me, no one will.”


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