Dad Murders Intruder Holding Teenage Son at Gunpoint

Police say that two guys broke into a home in Tennessee. One of them was shot and killed.

A news statement from the Murfreesboro Police Department says that at 8:30 p.m. on May 5, police went to a house and found a 52-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds at the front door. The man was wearing a mask. Police said that Kevin Ford was found dead at the scene.

According to the release, an initial investigation showed that two guys with masks and gloves broke into the house through the front door.

Police say the men went into the house and used a Taser on the family dog. They then held the teenage son of the homeowner at gunpoint.

The homeowner got his gun and shot the two guys, according to the police. One of them died at the house, and the other ran away.

Clifford Wright, 42, was found with multiple gunshot wounds at a nearby Salvation Army, cops said. He was taken to a hospital where his wounds were treated before he was arrested.

According to the release, Wright is charged with aggravated burglary, attempted aggravated robbery, being a convicted felon with a gun, and having a gun while committing a violent crime.

Police said that the homeowner will not be charged with anything.

There are 34 miles between Murfreesboro and Nashville.

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