Dadeville Mass Shooting Survivor Makes Miraculous Recovery, Leaves Hospital

A little over two months ago, a sweet sixteen birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, descended into a tragic mass shooting, leaving one young girl with several gunshot wounds and requiring medically-induced coma treatment. Four individuals were killed, another thirty were hurt, and six persons were taken into custody.

“I walk in, and the nurses will be like ‘Oh gosh there she is,’ and they will just talk about ‘Cara will tell us how much she loves you’,” said sister Jenning Johns. An unshakable tie between sisters. Jenning Johns, Cara’s sister, had been waiting for her to get out of the hospital for two months.

“I think the prayers are helping,” Jenning remarked. Over two months earlier, Cara Johns was at a dance studio in downtown Dadeville for Alexis Dowdell’s sweet sixteen party when shooting erupted, killing four and injuring thirty-two.

Dadeville Mass Shooting Survivor Makes Miraculous Recovery, Leaves Hospital (1)

After being shot multiple times in the head, chest, and stomach, Cara was placed in an induced coma and remained there for nearly a month. “Sometimes, she’ll act like she is scared of the incident and she’ll talk about how it scares her,” said Jenning.

If you want to read more about what’s happening in United states, check out this piece from the California Examiner:

Cara has woken up from her coma and is slowly regaining her memory and motor skills. “When I went and saw her the other day, she told us that she remembered being in an ambulance on the way, she said she was going somewhere,and remembers being in the ambulance,” said Jenning.

Jenning stated that Cara has visited with loved ones while in the hospital. Jenning hopes her sister may resume a more typical life soon. “She hasn’t really said what she wants to do when she comes home, but she talks about how she’s ready to be home, and ready to be in her normal life again,” said Jenning. Cara’s hospital release came shortly after this interview. “Just keep praying for a full recovery,” Jenning urged.

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