Dallas Mom Sh*t and K!lled While Picking Up Daughter’s Prom Dress Over Mother’s Day Weekend

A woman was k!lled by a stray bullet the day before woman’s Day while shopping for a prom dress with her daughter in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas Police Department said in a statement that Ana Moreno, 39, was traveling with her teenage daughter when she was hit by a bullet at around 4 p.m. on Saturday.

According to authorities, people in two other cars had been firing at each other while driving. As of Sunday, authorities said three individuals who were sh*t in the incident were in critical condition in area hospitals.

Michelle Rodriguez, Moreno’s other daughter, told CNN affiliate WFAA that their mother was sh*t while in a car with Rodriguez’s sister on the way to pick up the latter’s prom dress. “Anything you would want in a mom, that was her,” Rodriguez said of her mother.

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“It wasn’t her time, it wasn’t supposed to be her. And it’s over something stupid. How do you do that to someone innocent?” According to authorities, no arr*sts were made in the case as of Sunday. CNN has contacted Dallas police to find out what has happened.

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