Dane County Deputy Kills Suspect In’multiple Weapons Offenses’

On Sunday afternoon near the hamlet of Oregon, a Dane County Sheriff’s Office officer shot and killed a person who was wanted for “multiple firearms offences” in recent days.

At 11 a.m., Sheriff Kalvin Barrett said, his department got a 911 call reporting a weapons violation on Jefferson Street in Oregon, prompting officers and other responding agencies to “aggressively” investigate the area.

Dane County Deputy Kills Suspect In'multiple Weapons Offenses'
Dane County Deputy Kills Suspect In’multiple Weapons Offenses’

The Wisconsin Department of Justice provided further information on the event late on Sunday, saying that the suspect, who was wanted for “multiple firearms offenses” in recent days, was last seen near the 5200 block of Highway CC.

The suspect reportedly escaped on foot after officials established a perimeter. Around 3:15 p.m., a deputy made contact with the suspect and opened fire, resulting in the suspect’s immediate and fatal injury.

The DOJ Division of Criminal Investigation is now investigating the incident, and neither the deceased nor the deputy have been publicly identified.

The Department of Justice said a weapon was discovered at the site.

Barrett said further information will be released by the DOJ and took no questions at a conference outside a neighboring church just after 7 p.m.

Barrett said the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office would reveal the victim’s identity after they had contacted the victim’s relatives.

Later on Sunday, police remained at the area.

As far as can be determined, the event happened somewhere close to a cul-de-sac off the 200 block of Bergamont Boulevard. The entrance to the community on Eagle Drive was sealed off, and police were also stationed along Jefferson Street, on the other side of the property.

Out back, a white tent stood out against the backyards of the houses.

Eagle Drive saw many homeowners waiting outside their houses for authorities to secure the area. As they watched the scenario unfold, one family continued to watch the Packers game on the TV in their garage. Others in the surrounding blocks had also come out to observe what was going on.

Several eyewitnesses at the scene and in the surrounding area saw a medical helicopter land and take off at the time of the occurrence. To put it simply, this is a residential neighborhood.

The encounter was “unsettling,” according to Roberta Rusch, who lives a block away.

She spent the day out with her daughter shopping in Fitchburg and got back to the house around 4:15 p.m. The emergency lights, visible from almost every angle of the property, were the first indication that something was wrong.

Rusch, who was walking her dog Cooper nearby, said, “It’s such a little community, and two events in one weekend.”



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