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Darren Drozdov Net Worth: How Rich Was The Former Wrestler?

Darren Drozdov Net Worth

Darren Drozdov Net Worth

Darren Drozdov, also known as Droz professionally, was an American essayist, football player, and professional wrestler. His full name is Darren Adrian Drozdov. After a brief career in the National Football League and the Canadian Football League, he transitioned to professional wrestling since he had become passionate about it since a young age.

On May 25, 1998, Drozdov made his World Wrestling Federation (WWF) debut on Raw is War. He gained fame during his stint in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), first going by the ring name Puke, a moniker from his time playing football. Let’s have full detail about Darren Drozdov Net Worth and injury that ended his career as wrestler.

Darren Drozdov Net Worth

Darren Drozdov’s estimated net worth at the time of his passing was $12 million. His earnings as a professional wrestler were significant.

Darren Drozdov’s Injury That Ended His Wrestling Career

Drozdov remained reliable throughout his career and steadily advanced to become one of the most in-demand professional wrestlers. But on October 5, 1999, in the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, during a WWF SmackDown battle, he suffered a catastrophic neck injury, which put an end to his active wrestling career.

He fell over while attempting a stunt, breaking two vertebrae in his neck. He was taken to the hospital almost away, where he underwent hours of surgery to relieve the pressure on his wounded neck.

Drozdov lost the use of most of his upper body and arms after suffering a neck injury after a failed wrestling move, yet he was paralyzed nonetheless.

Following his retirement from professional wrestling, he published articles and essays for internet and magazine content while working for the WWE as a writer and columnist.

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Darren Drozdov’s Death

Sadly, the former NFL athlete and WWE wrestler has passed away. On Friday, June 30, 2023, Darren Drozdov passed away at the age of 54.

The WWE released a statement from the family of the former NFL player who turned wrestler, stating that he passed away from natural causes.

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