Dave Chappelle’s “SNL” Monologue Denounced By ADL

The Anti-Defamation League was not pleased by Dave Chappelle’s anti-Kanye West speech from Saturday Night Live, which echoed the same antisemitic clichés that the artist himself had propagated. “It’s a major problem, he had broken the show business regulations,” Chappelle said of West in his opening monologue. Perceptional norms, you know. The group is considered to be a gang if there are members that are Black.

Dave Chappelle's "Snl" Monologue Denounced By ADL
Dave Chappelle’s “Snl” Monologue Denounced By ADL

An Italian mob if and only if they can speak Italian. It’s a coincidence if they’re Jewish, and you shouldn’t bring it up. The comic then said, “I’ve been to Hollywood and—no one get furious at me—I’m just telling you what I observed. The number of Jews there is rather large. Very much so. He continued, saying that while it’s “not a weird thing to think,” saying that Jews control the entertainment industry is “a stupid thing to say out loud.”

We shouldn’t expect @DaveChappelle to serve as society’s moral compass, but it’s worrisome to see @nbcsnl not only mainstream but popularize #antisemitism,” tweeted ADL CEO Jonathan Goldblatt in response to the monologue on Sunday morning. Why are Jewish concerns so often ignored or played down? Why does our suffering make people cheer?


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