A Suspect Has Been Apprehended in Connection With a Stabbing Death in Davis, California

On Thursday, police revealed that they had made an arrest in connection with a recent rash of stabbings in the area around UC Davis. CBS Sacramento reported that police had detained 21-year-old Carlos Dominguez on Wednesday after he admitted to at least one of the stabbings, but the police would not confirm this.

Sycamore Park, where one of the stabbings took place, received calls from 15 witnesses on Wednesday, all saying they saw a man matching the suspect’s description. The defendant was interviewed for “many hours” by police after his arrest, Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel said Thursday. Around 1:20 a.m. local time, he was hauled into prison on suspicion of carrying a big knife.

Approximately 1 PM local time on Thursday, he was taken into custody, and according to Pytel, he faces two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. According to the police, Dominguez was still wearing the clothes he was spotted in during the third stabbing attack that occurred two days before he was arrested. Incredibly rare, as Pytel pointed out.

Davis, California, Deadly Stabbings Suspect Arrested (1)
Davis, California, Deadly Stabbings Suspect Arrested (1)

Pytel stated that Dominguez attended UC Davis as a student up until last week. According to a statement released by UC Davis shortly after Thursday’s press conference, Dominguez was “separated for academic reasons” on April 25 and was in his third year at the university.

According to the authorities, Dominguez has been a Davis resident for quite some time. His home was being searched by police on Thursday afternoon, and “significant and related evidence has already been discovered,” according to a statement released by the Davis Police Department.

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Several other residents of the house were interviewed by police and “provided us information,” Pytel added. It was unclear if Dominguez knew any of the victims, and police were still looking into possible motives, Pytel added. When questioned whether Dominguez qualified as a serial killer, Pytel stated the term “would apply.”

Two of the at least three people who have been stabbed in the area surrounding UC Davis in the past two weeks have died from their wounds. David Breaux, 50, was found dead in a park on April 27 from several stab wounds.

Karim Abou-Najm, a 20-year-old student at UC Davis, was shot and died two days later in a different park approximately a mile north of campus. CBS Sacramento reported that Abou-Najm was slain while bicycling home after a university awards event.

According to CBS Sacramento, the suspect may have used Abou-Najm’s bicycle to flee the scene. Pytel said Thursday that someone saw the attack and watched the suspect go away. That night, police began looking for the perpetrator, but they were unsuccessful. Deputy Chief Todd Henry said Thursday that the bike was found that night outside the park.

A woman suffering from several stab wounds was discovered by authorities on Monday at a homeless encampment close to the university campus. The victim was later named as Kimberly. On Thursday, Pytel reported that Dominguez had allegedly ripped open her tent and stabbed her many times.

CBS Sacramento stated that after receiving treatment at the scene, she was transferred to a local hospital where she remains in critical condition. As of Thursday, according to Pytel, she is “recovering.” Again, police began searching but still couldn’t find the suspect.

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