‘Hunting-Style Knife’ Was Found in the Suspect’s Possession After the Stabbing Incident in Davis, California

The guy, age 21, was taken into custody on Thursday, one day after being found with a big knife. The seemingly sporadic attacks in the town have forced the cancellation of social gatherings and encouraged students to carry guns. Police claim that after seeing the man in a park, locals called them.

Carlos Dominguez, the suspect, is being questioned while being held in detention. He had, according to the police, been enrolled at the University of California, Davis, until last week. After police got phone call tips from 15 local residents, he was apprehended on Wednesday close to one of the murder scenes.

According to a statement from police, the suspect was discovered wearing clothing that “appears to be identical to the clothing description provided after the third attack.” He had injuries on his hands and wrists when he was discovered, they continued, and blood and other retrieved “biological evidence” link him to the attacks.

Davis California stabbing
Davis California stabbing

The former pupil was detained on Thursday and is now facing two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. Carter Carlson told CBS News, a partner of the BBC in the US, that he alerted the police after he saw someone who matched the suspect’s description close to a vigil for the victims in a municipal park.

“I noticed they had long curly hair and they had the Adidas pants that they’ve been talking about,” said Mr Carlson. Dominguez was in his third year at the university up until last week, according to a statement from the University of California, Davis, following his arrest. According to the statement, “he was separated for academic reasons” on April 25.

“We urge the community not to rush to conclusions or speculate until all facts are known,” university officials said, adding: “We are grateful for law enforcement’s quick response and resolution during an extremely difficult period for the city and campus.”

Avoid becoming bogged down in the past. Recent California developments include the following:

The first victim, 50-year-old David Henry Breaux, was discovered on a bench where he frequently ate and slept, according to Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel. Karim Abou Najm, a 20-year-old student, was the second casualty. The computer science major was killed by a knife at Sycamore Park on Saturday night, just six weeks before he was set to graduate.

On Monday, just before midnight, there was a third stabbing at a homeless camp. The unidentified victim, who was stabbed multiple times through her tent, is currently making a full recovery. With a population of roughly 67,000, the attacks made the city uneasy and necessitated the cancellation of events.

After a temporary shelter-in-place order was lifted, students’ evening sessions were switched to online learning. On Wednesday, the park’s farmers market was canceled, and a nearby grocery shop made an early-closing announcement. Additionally, a Saturday street party with live music and regional vendors that was planned has been canceled.

Two of the victims were homeless, therefore the city also started a program for temporary housing. 24 members of the community have been receiving emergency housing help, according to CBS News.

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