Daytona Beach Man Caught in the Act at Port Orange Park

On Saturday, police in Port Orange received a report that a guy from Daytona Beach was “exposing himself in a vulgar and indecent manner” in Riverwalk Park.

directly in front of the splash pad area of the park where several families were enjoying their Saturday morning,” read a social media post from the Port Orange Police Department, describing where Lavon Glenn, 49, was parked on a Saturday morning. Officers tried to make an arrest, but Glenn resisted by staying in his car.

It appears that a Taser was used and “rendered ineffective.” According to the report, when Glenn backed out of the parking spot, he startled a police officer and nearly hit him with the door. He then fled at a high speed. Police pursued until Glenn’s vehicle “ultimately became disabled in a gas station parking lot where Glenn then began to run on foot.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

The South Daytona Police Department helped capture Glenn, but he resisted arrest and began to struggle.  Eventually, authorities were able to track down and catch Glenn, who “received medical treatment for injuries he sustained.” After posting $23,500 bond, Glenn was sent to the Volusia County Branch Jail.

Ten charges are pending against him as a result of the event; seven are felonies and one is a misdemeanor for indecent exposure. Additional counts include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, running and eluding police, and battery on a law enforcement officer. Data reveal Since 2002, Glenn has spent significant time behind bars for a wide range of offenses.

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