DC Homeowner Shoots 13-year-old After He Was Allegedly Breaking Into Cars

DC Homeowner Shoots 13-year-old After He Was Allegedly Breaking Into Cars: After hearing rumors that a homeowner shot and killed a 13-year-old child for allegedly stealing into automobiles in the Fifth District, police in Washington, D.C. launched an investigation.

Around 3:56 on Saturday morning, according to the Metropolitan Police, officers were called to a shooting in the 1000 block of Quincy Street in the city’s northeast. Officers arrived on the site and discovered the adolescent, Karon Blake, with gunshot wounds.

Blake was taken to a local hospital by DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services, where he eventually passed away.

According to Metro police, a male resident of the block who heard noises outside and spotted someone who looked to be messing with automobiles then shot Blake to death.

Before the homeowner discharged his lawfully licensed gun, according to the police, he engaged in a “conversation” with the teenager. There were no signs that Blake was carrying a weapon, Metro police reported Fox 5 DC.

The source reportedly claimed that the man gave Blake CPR until emergency personnel arrived and that police discovered a car on Quincy Street that had previously been reported stolen and was thought to have been used by Blake.

Investigators tweeted on Saturday morning to be on the lookout for two youngsters because they suspect there were two more minors engaged in the event.

According to a local neighbor, two individuals attempted to flee the scene in a car before crashing it in an alley and taking off on foot, Fox 5 stated.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Homicide Branch of the Metro Police are coordinating to decide whether or not the homeowner will face any criminal charges.

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