Proud Boys’ Leader Claims He Was Tipped Off by a Police Officer in the Washington, Dc, Metro Area

Federal accusations of lying to investigators about his conversations with Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, including when the officer reportedly informed Tarrio of his upcoming arr*st, led to the arr*st of a Washington, DC, metro police officer on Friday.

Lt. Shane Lamond of the Metropolitan Police Department is charged with obstruction and three counts of making false statements in an indictment. Lamond allegedly kept in touch with Tarrio on a regular basis beginning at least in July 2019.

Federal prosecutors assert that Lamond also provided the Proud Boys commander with sensitive law enforcement material relating to the investigation into the January 6, 2021 incident at the US Capitol as well as the inquiry into Tarrio’s burning of a Black Lives Matter flag during a protest in Washington, DC.

Dc Metro Police Officer Accused
Dc Metro Police Officer Accused

When CNN contacted Lamond’s attorney about the federal indictment, which was announced on Thursday, they did not react right away. The testimony from the February trial in which Tarrio and other Proud Boys were accused of participating in the att@ck on January 6 exposed a large portion of Lamond’s purported interactions with Tarrio.

This month, Tarrio was found guilty of seditious conspiracy. Lamond was placed on administrative leave by the MPD in February 2022, and on Friday, a department official confirmed that this was the case since the MPD was working with federal authorities on the investigation at the time.

The following tweet is proof that the news is correct:

After the criminal procedures against Lamond are over, the department will wrap up an internal inquiry into the incident, according to the spokeswoman, Paris Lewbel.

“We understand this matter sparks a range of emotions, and believe the allegations of this members actions are not consistent of our values and our commitment to the community,” Lewbel said in the statement, adding that the department’s “intentions are to remain transparent while affording a fair process to the involved member.”

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