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Deadly Gunfire Close to Hard Rock Stadium Following a Miami Dolphins Game!

Deadly Gunfire Close to Hard Rock Stadium Following a Miami Dolphins Game (1)

On Sunday night, not far from Hard Rock Stadium, a man was shot and killed in Miami Gardens. Around 11:15 p.m. on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins’ game against the Buffalo Bills came to a close. outside midnight, as fans were leaving the stadium, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue got a report of gunshots outside a Walmart on nearby NW 27th Avenue.

According to Miami Gardens police, their first investigation has shown that the man and his companions were arguing with a motorist as they were trying to exit the stadium following the game. The man was hit when that individual allegedly stepped out and began firing shots at the gathering.

Jae Jackson claimed he had just stepped out of a neighboring gym and was observing the exodus of spectators when he heard four gunshots and hurried over. He went on to say, “I heard what sounded like four thuds” to Peter D’Oench of CBS News Miami. Suddenly, everyone started fleeing, and I dove under the surface before sprinting over to provide him a hand.

I tried to talk to him. I was holding his hand. His girlfriend came over and told him he was strong. At that moment he actually lifted his arm up so there was hope and maybe like 30 seconds later his eyes rolled up and that was it,” said Jackson.

“I held his hand and tried to talk to him as much as possible to let him understand that you can make it. He was with his girlfriend and his brother. Nobody deserves to die for something like that.” Witnesses at the football game expressed their horror to CBS News Miami.

According to Diane Martin, “regardless of the circumstances, it’s a human life and this is a waste.” Martin, whose hometown is close to Rochester, New York, and her husband Wayne traveled to South Florida to watch the Dolphins take on the Bills. “We learned about this during breakfast,” Wayne Martin stated. It was generating a lot of interest.

According to Ray Natalello, a fellow football fan from a community close to Rochester, “The greatest entertainment in this country is the NFL and it shouldn’t end up in someone’s death.”

Life, not sports, is always more important, according to Billy Smith, another devotee. It is always tragic when something occurs. I apologize that it occurred. Someone made a move that had no regard for social class. Minutes after the call, officers from the Dolphin Game Detail of the Miami-Dade Police Department arrived and immediately started CPR.

He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. Oh, how tragic. “It was sad,” Jackson remarked. According to authorities, the shooter ran away from the scene of the crime. Their current focus is on apprehending the gunman. Neither his identity nor a description of the gunman have been made public.

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